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Data science sector and the vacancy in jobs in the sector

Data science is a lucrative career for the present youth. Data scientists are one of the most demanded specials across the globe. The Data Science sector offers good career options and tremendous employment opportunities to students and helps them to advance in their future. The demand for data science professionals is high due to the vacancy of data scientist jobs in this sector. Data scientists are provided high salaries over other professionals with numerous other perks. This makes data science one of the most promising careers with ample job opportunities. This is why Glassdoor has stated data science as one of the best jobs in the United States of America, while LinkedIn has described data science as one of the most promising career sectors.

Is data science a demanding job?

Data science is one of the fastest growing and most rewarding professions in the technological sector. The vacancy of data scientist roles in 2012 has increased by around 650%, and there are no signs or symptoms to depict that the demand will reduce in the future. As per the report of the US Bureau of labor statistics, the vacancy in data scientists’ jobs will increase in the future. BLS has predicted that the demand for data scientist professionals will continue to increase by the year 2026 at the rate of 27.9%.McKinseyhas issued a report which states a steep shortage of skilled data science professionals of 1,40,000 to 1,90,000 in the United States. Therefore the vacancy of jobs in this sector is immense, while the supply of people possessing adequate analytical skills and decision-making ability is less. The salaries and perks have also increased with the increase in the demand for job opportunities in data science roles. A data scientist with the right skills can expect to earn up to 6 figures. With the demand for data scientists, they also get the chance to travel abroad and expand their experience.

The Data Science sector is one of the fastest growing occupations globally.

Several studies in the United States have revealed that the best job opportunities in America come with a title such as data engineer, business analyst, and data scientist. If you want to make a rewarding career for yourself and explore the in-demand sector of data science, then enroll in the right data science course to help you turn the dream into reality. Several comprehensive degree platforms are available in the market, offline and online, for candidates to earn a data science course and expand the job opportunities in this sector. This program teaches the data scientists the necessary software skills and a wide range of data analysis tools to occupy the vacant data science jobs across top industries. In addition, several industries offer certificates in data science at graduate and undergraduate levels to enable candidates to boost their careers and land a dream data science career.

What are the job growth statistics in the sector of data science?

There can be ample reasons why you would like to pursue a data science degree. This is because there are incredible job growth opportunities in this field. LinkedIn has stated that the vacancy of jobs in the data science sector has increased by 650% since 2012. BLS has estimated that by 2026, 11.5 million job opportunities will be created for the youth. Glassdoor reveals that the annual average salary of data scientists is $120931, as per recent studies and reports by LinkedIn. The highest growth rate in data science and data analysis job includes the following job titles.

  • Machine learning engineer

The vacancy in the job growth of machine learning engineer, has grown up to 8x times with $100956 as the average salary.

  • Data Scientist

The average salary of a data scientist, as per reports of Glassdoor, accounts for $2120931, and the job growth of data scientists has grown up to 5X times.

  • Big Data Develop

Job growth of big data developers has grown to 5X times, with the average salary accounting for $85,000 per a report on the pay scale.

Statistics about employment gap in careers of data science

The report of Harvard Business Review has stated that the data science profession suffers from a shortage of skilled professionals. This is why it is imperative for students dreaming of a career in data science to earn a certificate and go through proper training to fill the vacant job opportunities in this sector. The employer’s demand for data engineers and data scientists in 2020 has been 39%. In 2020, the vacancy in data science and data analytics jobs was 2.7 million. As per the reports of IBM, it has been predicted that 59% of new job opportunities in data science will be in the fields of information technology, professional service, finance, and insurance. The statistics revealed that 61% of top data analysis and data scientist jobs would be offered to students holding bachelor’s degrees, whereas 39% of advanced job positions will be available to students pursuing master’s degrees or Ph.D.

What is the career outlook of a data science job? 

 Data science is one of the most sought-after professions in America today since the top organization is employing the right talent to drive more value from raw and unstructured data. The increased vacancy in the job opportunities for data scientists is a matter of market maturity and technological innovation. The increased importance of data scientists in the competitive market will always be prevalent and won’t fade easily. Data scientists are responsible for helping companies get new insights regarding their products and services and performing the work of data analytics. They work with advanced machine learning models, tools, and technologies to predict the market and customer behavior based on past trends. A degree in data science and statistics will help you fill the employment gaps in this booming sector. Data science is the sexiest job of the 21st century and is a great choice for most youth. You can make a career in this domain with the right knowledge and skill sets. Click here to learn data scientist course in bangalore

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