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Design your fedora hat – become a real fashionista

Fashion is so fun because, over time, styles have changed and evolved to suit the tastes of those living within a particular period. There’s been a sharp rise in demand for hats since the early 2010s. Caps for men have become more popular as well. While most people find these hats attractive, some aren’t exactly pleased with them because they consider them too “hipster-ish” or just not suited to their style preference—that is until now!

This post will give you an idea of how you can make your very own straw fedora hat! Not only will it be unique, but it would help spice things up. In this tutorial, we’ll also discuss the materials needed and the procedures for making your own.   

Get the materials

The first things you’ll need are the materials. It’s easy to get what you need because they’re very accessible and available in any department store near you. All that’s required is a straw hat, needle and thread, wire brim (if not included in your straw fedora), and sewing pliers (optional).

Depending on what you think would be faster and easier, you can use manual or electric tools for this project. Tools refer to anything used for accomplishing a goal like cutting, welding, carving, forming, etc. The intensity of the device will determine how much force is applied when doing the work. Some people think using an electric saw would make it faster, but it might result in errors in the process. But if you want to use one, be sure your straw hat is well-fitting because it will provide stability.

Before getting started, some things need addressing

1) The shape of the brim can alter or affect the appearance of your fedora hat. A good design only needs careful curving and folding.

2) If your hat came with a wire brim already attached to it, you don’t have to worry about having another piece for this project. However, it would be best to get rid of any unnecessary parts so that you could get a cleaner and better look at the result.              

3) Be sure to align your needle according to where you’ll get attached to your straw hat. Be sure the needle is not too far from the hat’s surface so that it wouldn’t penetrate deeper than where you’re supposed to sew.

Easy steps

Our step-by-step instructions are straightforward to follow and would only take about five minutes or less for any ordinary person—including kids! You can even use this for arts and crafts. It’s also a good idea to follow these tips so you won’t be at risk of injuring yourself while doing the process:

1) Pinning is unnecessary because we will create an exact pattern then cut them out. This way, everything would stay in place, and you will make no errors on any parts of your design.      

2) You can use a needle and thread for this project, but if you’re aiming to get more detail on your design, sewing pliers would be better.

3) The wire brim should have an outline that will serve as the guide when cutting out the parts of your straw hat. This is to ensure that everything aligns appropriately in achieving a clean-looking design.

4) After every step, take time to admire your work so far because it’s gratifying once you see your finished product! It might not look perfect at first, though, but there are high chances of becoming even better with constant practice!      

The last thing you’ll need are finishing touches such as flower pins or headbands for decoration. We recommend wearing it with a sundress.    

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