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Important Essay Topics 2021

An essay topic is perishable. Yes! A topic that was strong in 2020 could be obsolete or too weak for your essay. That is why you need to constantly update your essay topic ideas to guarantee a captivating essay and the best performance.

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Before looking at the topics, it is important to dig deeper into the reasons why essay topics are appropriate for one year and too weak for another. Essays are among the most popular types of college assignment you can get. It helps you to maneuver well when choosing an essay topic and avoid obvious pitfalls that weaken your essay. What is a good essay topic?


Relevant when discussing a topic comes in two shades. The first is appropriateness based on the current period. In this case, we will be looking at the best topics for 2021. A relevant topic for 2021 is one where scholars and readers agree that it fits into the current dialogue. For instance, it addresses the issues bothering doctors or businesses in 2021. A relevant topic in such a case is interesting to read because the reader can see a solution.

Relevance also refers to the subject where you are writing the essay. For instance, an essay in medicine should capture topics relevant to the medical field. A reader will turn to your paper based on whether the title addresses his questions in a particular area of interest.

The topic of your essay must be relevant to ignite curiosity in readers. Relevance is also a promise that the reader will get what he expects upon reading the book. If the topic does not suggest relevant content, readers will skip your paper on the shelves.

Here are relevant topics to discuss in 2021

  • Are city people healthier than rural folks?
  • The benefits of online learning in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic
  • Vaccination- should it be made mandatory?
  • Is a vaccination certificate an abuse of human rights?
  • The role businesses played during the pandemic
  • Mental health and lockdowns
  • Government management of health crisis
  • The role of the private sector in economic recovery after the pandemic
  • Remote working beyond the pandemic days
  • Technology innovations during the Covid-19 pandemic
  • Industries that benefited from the pandemic


The simplest definition of a fresh topic is one with new information. Do not discuss the same old ideas that other students and scholars have tackled. Look for new ideas that capture the imagination of a reader.

A lot has happened in recent years to provide endless ideas for essay writers. Among the most significant phenomena is the covid-19 pandemic. Since the effects were felt in all sectors, you have a lot of fresh ideas for your essay.

Here are fresh ideas to consider for your essay in 2021

  • The changing role of parents in online learning
  • What the education sector lost through online learning
  • The class will never be the same again. Discuss.
  • Online learning and the importance of community libraries
  • How e-learning has changed the acquisition of skills
  • New professions that came out of the Covid-19 pandemic
  • Health pandemics and the widening poverty gap
  • Home as a health center
  • How communication has changed in the wake of the covid-19 pandemic
  • The growth of online shopping
  • Technology and stress management
  • How to resume healthy contact in the future

It is not always that you have new ideas to explore. You are allowed to discuss old ideas as long as you can give a new perspective that is worth considering. Check recommendations by other authors to get fresh ideas to consider for your essay. The new twist must be evident in the title of your essay.


Academic work requires strong discussions that are worth the time. A strong discussion will also demonstrate your scholarly prowess as you argue the ideas. A strong research idea will instantly capture the attention of a reader.

A strong topic is researchable. It has a scholarly grounding, in that it is supported by other writers who explore the area. The ideas cannot be easily discounted because they are firmly grounded on existing scholarly materials like books and articles. Avoid any idea that is based on the opinions of people, regardless of their stature in society. Here are strong ideas to explore in 2021.

  • Space tourism: the new version of space war
  • How much profit should companies make during a pandemic?
  • Hi-tech medical equipment vs a strong body- a look at death tolls in different continents
  • Communicating sensitive information and damage done by propaganda
  • Conference technology and its effect on travel and tourism sectors

The topics to explore in 2021 are endless, based on your passion and personal preference. Click here for new ideas and help with your essay. The expert writers help you to deliver a fascinating essay, capturing the imagination of the reader from the title to the last word.

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