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Scholarships to study in Australia

Are you thinking about studying and working in Australia? Has it occurred to you that you can do it through a scholarship and have an extra little help to make one of the best trips of your life?

If you find it an attractive plan to spend time in Australia studying, read on because today we are going to review the different scholarships you can apply for if you have already decided that your plan is to go to study at down under.

Scholarships in Australia

There are several institutions that offer scholarships to study in Australia: the Australian government, educational institutions and other public and private organisations.

Types of grants available

Most educational scholarships you’ll find in Australia are to study for a degree, a master’s degree or to support research projects (discussed below). If you are looking for a scholarship to study English or a professional course, the Australian government and public institutions do not usually offer it. Private institutions usually offer language scholarships to Spanish speakers through companies! However, we recommend that you check out the scholarships offered by the Australian government to international students through this official Australian scholarship search engine.

If you are looking for a scholarship to study a degree or master’s degree in Australia, after locating the scholarship you are interested in, it is wise to contact the university where you wish to be admitted to find out the criteria for admission.

Requirements for university scholarships in Australia

Although the requirements usually vary depending on the programme you want to attend and the educational institution you want to attend, there are a number of general requirements common to most universities:

Sufficient knowledge of English. They usually ask for an academic ielts (international English language testing system) that attests to a proficiency level. This test tests your ability to read, write, speak and understand English in academic contexts. It will be a fundamental requirement to be eligible for any scholarship to study at any Australian university.

Translated documents. The documentation that each university requires for access must be photocopies of the originals and you will most likely be asked for official translations by a translator accredited by the Australian government.

Scholarships at Australian universities

Although there are many scholarships that you can apply for, as each university normally has its own scholarships, here are some of the scholarship programs that we found most interesting:

International undergraduate full tuition scholarship

University of technology Sydney offers the opportunity to obtain a full tuition grant for international students who enrol for a bachelor’s degree. You must have earned 85% or more on a uts recognised high school qualification. The deadline to apply is November 1st and you have almost a month to make all the arrangements.

Any international student already enrolled in an accredited university vet course in Australia is eligible for this programme.

Its aim is to support the research doctorate and research masters. The application process varies by university, so we recommend that you contact the university where you want to study.

International research fellowships from the university of Sydney

It is a postgraduate research program offered to international students within the departments and areas that the university considers indispensable pieces of its research lines.

To be awarded one of these scholarships, they will evaluate your academic record and the research potential of your profile. These scholarships cover tuition and living expenses for up to three years, with the option of extending an additional semester for doctoral students.

Melbourne international undergraduate scholarship

This scholarship from the university of Melbourne covers tuition fees to high performing international students who have received offers for a bachelor’s degree course. There are about 30 scholarships of $10,000 and about 10 scholarships that cover 100% tuition. They are offered only each initial year of a university degree.

Macquarie vice-chancellor’s international scholarships

Macquarie university (NSW) offers a partial tuition scholarship for international students pursuing undergraduate and graduate studies in the fields of linguistics, education, human sciences, media, engineering and the environment.

This is specifically for students from a country other than Australia, New Zealand, Mongolia, asean or a European country.

The amount of the grant varies by subject area, but increases to AUD$10,000 and is allocated exclusively to your tuition fee. Find more details here.

Adelaide scholarships international

The university of Adelaide offers a comprehensive scholarship to international students pursuing a research master’s or doctoral degree in any subject offered by the university. This is for applicants who have already completed the equivalent of an Australian first class honours degree.

This grant includes tuition, annual living allowance (AUD$27,082 in 2018) and health coverage. This is for two years for masters and three years for doctorates, with the possibility of extending for the latter.

They are awarded in competitive competition and academic merit and research potential are valued.

ECU international undergraduate merit scholarships

Edith cowan university in western Australia offers 20 % fee reduction scholarships to international students pursuing a bachelor’s degree or a semester of study abroad.

Only citizens of Bolivia, costa rica, Cuba, el Salvador, Honduras and venezuela are eligible for the scholarship.

You have until the 30th of this month to submit your application. Hurry up!

As you have seen, the requirements are high and the scholarships are very specific. If you want to study at an Australian university on a scholarship, use the resources we have given you in this post to find it. And if you can’t find it, we recommend you study it in your country and when you finish it, you come to perfect your English level with us. What do you think?

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