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Useful Entertainment: What Hobbies Can Bring You Money?

The internet and social media have exposed our generation to surprising ways of making money. From getting paid over owning a TikTok channel or hosting live videos to earning dollars from Twitter impressions, the list could go on for days. Monetization isn’t entirely the complex topic it used to be, and this cuts across so many sectors in the global job market. The major challenge is the millions of other job seekers, young and old, doing the same things as you. Monetizing your talents and hobbies is one commonly known way of setting yourself apart and creating more opportunities to stand out. This article lists the top 7 everyday habits that could help you do just that in 2024.

1. Gaming

The entertainment sector is leading our pick of talents, exposing millions daily to money-making opportunities. It can be anything from esports to gambling, starting a YouTube channel, live streaming, and more. Top earners and professionals in the video game scene earn as much as $46,000 annually and $22 daily. People also participate in tournaments, host competitions, and livestreams. The online betting sector also falls into this category, with opportunities to play casino slots and table games for money. Some sites offer bonuses, rewards, and free spins that could help players boost their chances of winning. For example, Vulkan Bet gives players Vulkan Bet 50 free spins to help them start their gambling journey. Professional gamblers make as much as $43,500 annually and as much as $3,625 monthly.

2. Photography

If you own a high-quality camera and can use it to capture beautiful moments, it could be an opportunity to make some extra cash. While it doesn’t have to become a full-time role, as that might take the fun out of it, you can freelance and sometimes sell some of your images. The great thing about photography is that many niches could blend perfectly into your everyday lifestyle. Some of them are:

  • Pets;
  • Fashion;
  • Street views;
  • Food;
  • Sports;
  • Events;
  • Traveling;
  • Wildlife.

3. Painting

Arts is another hobby selling massively in the entertainment and fashion industry. Original art pieces are a statement, and one-of-one handpainted fashion items painted are the rave. You can sell your painting on social media platforms, on the street, or in a tourist hub. Other platforms you can explore are online talent platforms like Fiverr and Upwork, where you can showcase your skills to potential clients and customers.

4. Podcasting

If you love sharing your opinion and making your voice heard, you can start a podcast to spread your ideas on different topics of interest. Although most streaming platforms don’t exactly pay podcasters, there are opportunities to earn via sponsorships, advertisements, and affiliate marketing. Podcast sponsorships can earn you between $18 to $25 for 1,000 listeners. You can get about 5-30% in commission with affiliate marketing. Building your audience comes first before you can make money off this hobby.

5. Cooking

Cooking for you could have started as a hobby, but it can be much more. Today, we have food bloggers making over six figures in earnings. Cooking classes, YouTube, and other social media channels also fetch world-renowned chefs vast amounts of money. There is also the advantage of not worrying about setting up a restaurant or health department inspections. You could share your cooking skills with the world, teach people, and build a brand, all while earning and never leaving the comfort of your home.

6. Organization of the Tours for Foreigners

We’re not leaving travellers out of this conversation. If you’ve made a couple of trips globally, you should consider sharing your knowledge with other travellers like you. You can also start within your vicinity, showing tourists and locals around for some cash. Find entertaining ways to share the history and knowledge of your town or city with curious minds, be conversational, and engage your audience in fun ways. Lastly, know you don’t have to sign up with a company to be a successful tour guide. You can start by putting up signs in tourist-dominated areas.

7. DIY Crafts

Hand-crafted items are usually alluring to people because of how uncommon and exclusive they can be. These items communicate a sense of uniqueness that could be a huge selling point. If you enjoy crafting things like scented candles, jewelry, soap, and sculptures, millions of audiences are ready to buy from you. You can test your products with people around you and get feedback to perfect your products. Start small and explore the profitability that hand-crafted items could offer to you.

Finding the Right Hobby That Pays

While most people don’t have to find their interest since it just comes to them, some professionals have revealed that they had to research these options and pick what appeals to them the most. By doing it constantly, it then becomes a hobby. By being conscious, you get better at it daily. To get started with making money off these skills, start with a marketing strategy, and remember to maximize social media channels.

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