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Choose The Right Drawstring Ponytails Extension For Women

Many people seem to agree that when they meet a woman, their hair is the first thing they tend to notice. There could be various reasons for this, the obvious being that well-styled hair can make you look elegant and sophisticated. Whatever the reason, this widespread belief has its effects on women, the popular one being the conscious need to have a great hairdo.

The hair industry has not slacked in, ensuring women are provided with amazing options to choose from. One of the most popular hairdos is a ponytail. The reason for this is because it is simple yet elegant and easy to do and maintain. Despite its ease and convenience, the industry, using technology, continues to look for ways to make things easier for women. The latest ponytail trend is the drawstring ponytail extension. At this point, you may ask:

What is a drawstring ponytail extension?

Drawstring ponytails are hair extensions made from either synthetic or human hair, which can be attached to your hair to make a ponytail. Unlike the normal procedure of tying your weave into a ponytail, drawstring ponytail extensions already come as a ponytail, with clips and a string to pull to ensure it is well secure when attached to your hair. This makes everything easy as installation can be done in two minutes. These extensions come in different styles and textures. Some of the very popular ones are; Human hair drawstring ponytail, curly drawstring ponytail, body waves drawstring ponytail, and afro drawstring ponytail.

How to wear a drawstring ponytail extension

Attaching a drawstring ponytail extension to your hair is a simple task. It doesn’t require much time or expertise.

  1. Firstly, pack your hair up into a small tight bun.

  2. Put the drawstring ponytail on the tight bun and use its clips to secure its attachment.

  3. Pull the drawstring till it’s firm and well secure on your head.

  4. Some drawstring ponytail extensions come with a hairpiece to tie around the bun. This helps with securing the extension while giving it a natural look.

At this point, you should ask yourself, ‘what kind of drawstring ponytail is best for me.’ The answer might seem confusing, owing to the many options you can pick from. However, not to worry, as I have taken time to provide tips on what you should be looking at when shopping for a drawstring ponytail extension.

1. Type of hair: you need to know what type of hair you are looking to buy. By type, I mean whether synthetic or natural hair. This could also entirely depend on your budget. Whatever kind of hair you decide on buying, have that in mind when shopping. At Tamar beauty supply, we provide only 100% human hair drawstring ponytail extensions, guaranteeing high quality and durability.

2. Choose the texture that best suits your natural hair: using a ponytail extension that blends with your natural hair type ultimately helps in giving you a natural look. Where this is not the case, your hairdo might look messy and unattractive.

Where to buy the perfect Drawstring ponytail extension

At this point, you now have a great idea of what Drawstring ponytail extensions are and their types. The next important thing is to ensure you have the right store to purchase the best drawstring ponytail extension. Tamar Beauty supply is the best online wig store to purchase high-quality drawstring ponytail extensions. The extensions are 100% human hair, making them durable, easy, and convenient to use. They are very stylish and come in different textures, catering to the different kinds of hair types. All drawstring ponytail extensions are currently available at slashed prices, saving you money if purchased now. Head down to  to shop for quality ponytail extensions.

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