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How to Look Good While Walking to Work

For women who walk to work, maintaining style and comfort is key. But it’s also a challenge to blend the two together. Learning how to look good while also being comfortable is difficult, since at first glance, these two goals seem diametrically opposed. 

But the truth is, once you learn how to do it, it becomes more effortless.

Practical Fashion Tips

Let’s start with some of the most important, practical fashion tips that can help you look your best while walking to work.

·       Bring a durable leather backpack. Leather backpacks offer a bit of everything. They offer a timeless style. They’re highly durable and capable of serving their purpose in a wide variety of weather conditions. And if you choose one big enough, it can hold almost everything you need for work. It’s much more convenient than carrying around a large purse or suitcase, yet it can work with almost any conceivable outfit.

·       Mix athleisure and professional wear. Next, consider mixing athleisure and professional wear. Athleisure is extremely comfortable and made for lots of movement, making it perfect for a walk to work. If you mix it with professional wear, you’ll be able to stay comfortable as you walk to work, without necessarily compromising on formality. Just be mindful of the pieces you choose, since these two styles aren’t always easy to blend.

·       Invest in your footwear. If you want to work regularly, you need to consider your footwear as one of the best investments you can make. You need to choose shoes that are designed to be walkable and comfortable, and preferably issues that lay flat. You should also choose shoes made of materials that make them resilient to the elements – and be ready to replace them when they start to wear out. If you must wear heels to the office, bring them with you in your bag and change when you arrive.

·       Dress in layers. Another helpful tip is to dress in layers, especially in the winter. The layered look can be extremely fashionable, while simultaneously giving you plenty of options if the weather changes unexpectedly, or if you experience a sudden hot or cold flash. Simply adding or removing one layer at a time can help you stay comfortable no matter how the conditions change.

·       Wear statement accessories. When you’re dressing in a way that allows you to both walk to work comfortably and remain professional when onsite, you’ll have less room for bold statement pieces. To make up for this, consider wearing powerful statement accessories. They won’t rob you of any wardrobe functionality – but can still make a big impact.

·       Be mindful of sweat. It’s not a sexy topic, but we need to address the sweat factor. Even in the coldest winter mornings, walking to work can generate a lot of sweat, and you’ll need to be prepared for it. Simple strategies like wearing darker clothes or under clothes can help you mitigate this potential risk.

Walking Tips

There are also some tips that can help you look better when walking. Most of these are centered on correcting your walking posture, which is good for your joint, skeletal, and muscle health, in addition to giving you more confidence.

·       Keep your eyes up and shoulders back. Stand up as straight as you can when walking, keeping your eyes up and your shoulders back. It exudes confidence, helps you maintain proper form, and can help you show off the best features of your carefully planned outfits.

·       Swing your arms and shoulders. Some people artificially stifle the natural movements of their upper body when walking, but it’s better for both ergonomics and aesthetics to swing your arms and shoulders. Don’t overdo it; just let your body do what it naturally does.

·       Roll your feet from heel to toe as you walk. Rolling your foot, from heel to toe, is much easier on your joints than landing straight down with a forceful impact, yet many people are acclimated to the latter. It may take some practice to get used to rolling your foot from heel to toe, especially if you’re used to wearing heels, but it’s worth the effort to retrain your gait.

·       Maintain a proper pace. Walking too quickly can make you seem rushed and make you generate more sweat. Walking too slowly can delay your arrival or cause you to get in others’ way. Sticking to a comfortable pace of just over 3 mph is ideal for most people.

Changing the way you dress and the way you walk on your daily commute to work can empower you and help you look your best. With these tips, you’ll feel a renewed sense of confidence every time you begin your journey to the office.

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