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Top Men’s Sunglasses for an Active Lifestyle

If you pride yourself on living an active lifestyle, it’s likely because you put your health first. You know that exercising regularly and spending time outdoors are both beneficial, but you might actually be harming your health if you aren’t careful while engaging in these activities. If you’re planning to go running, for example, you should stretch to reduce the likelihood of sprains. Similarly, if you’re going kayaking, you need to wear a life jacket. Little safety steps like these are important, but perhaps the most important safety tip of all is protecting yourself from the sun. Although the warmth of a sunny day can feel good, it can also be harmful if you aren’t adequately protected with sunscreen and men’s sunglasses.

Why Sports Glasses Are Best During Athletic Activities

Athletes understand the value of vision. You need to keep your eye on the ball while maintaining a clear vision of your opponents, too. Multitasking at this level demands a pair of polarized sunglasses for men that are made especially for sports. Indeed, sports sunglasses are the best investment for athletes — professional and amateur alike. These shades are designed to filter out harmful UV rays while also minimizing glare and protecting your eyes from any projectiles. This makes them ideal for nearly any kind of sport, including golf, tennis, basketball, or soccer.

This also makes them better than some other types of sunglasses that may or may not offer complete UV ray protection. You might be surprised to learn how many sunglasses do not block 100% of UV rays — and even amongst those that do, many of them are not polarized, meaning that glare can still pass through the lenses and hurt your eyes. It’s essential to invest in a pair of polarized sports sunglasses so that you can play your game or enjoy your exercise without worrying about your eyes being harmed by the sun.

Comfort & Durability Is Key

Protection from UV rays is important, but it’s not the only quality you’re likely looking for when you’re shopping for prescription glasses online. You also want glasses that are comfortable. Wearing sunglasses for a long time can quickly become uncomfortable if they’re made of low-quality materials or designed poorly. They may press on your temples, weigh on your ears, and eventually even cause a headache. Investing in high-quality sunglasses can prevent this from happening and ensure that you’re comfortable for extended periods of wear.

Durability is an important factor, too. When you invest in a new pair of sunglasses, it should be exactly that — an investment. If your new shades break shortly after you buy them, it’s understandably frustrating. You don’t want to be left without UV protection for your eyes, so you should seek out highly-rated brands and glasses. Looking at the materials that the glasses are made with is important, too — polycarbonate lenses are commonly considered the industry standard for strength. Look for glasses that meet and exceed these criteria, so you can be confident in their durability.

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