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Tortoise Shell Glasses: A Fashionable Choice for Everyone

The tortoise shell frame is a vintage fashion that’s making a return. No longer made from real tortoise shells, modern tortoise shell glasses feature frames made using durable acetate rolls. Their unique pattern provides wearers with a classic and timeless look. Tortoise shell glasses offer men and women the option to choose the style, shape, and color that works best for them. 

7 Reasons Why Tortoise Shell Glasses Are a Fashionable Choice

Tortoise shell frames are sported on red-carpet events like the Oscars and Grammys. The style reminds everyone of the trendy yet timeless hipster vibe. Modern glasses blend classic and contemporary styles to deliver unique fashion products for all wearers. You can find different designs and colors for your wardrobe or imitate the look of your favorite celebrity. Here are seven reasons why tortoise shell glasses are a fashionable choice for men and women:

1. They’re Unique

One of the main reasons why tortoise shell frames can never go out of trend is because of non-uniformity. Black is uniquely seen as the color that works for everyone and so is tortoise shell. Other solid colors can have limited range and use. Tortoise shell frames mimic the patterns of real turtles, which are unique and non-uniform. No two pairs are ever the same, so you’ll find unique sunglasses no one else has. 

2. They’re Popular

You only need to see the number of celebrities who sport tortoise shell eyewear to know the style is fashionable. Tortoise shell fashion glasses are worn by male and female celebrities and influencers worldwide. Famous women seen with the glasses include Jenifer Lopez, Anne Hathaway, Lupita Nyong’o, and Kourtney Kardashian. Male celebrities like Bruno Mars, Brad Pitt, and Ryan Gosling are also known for their fondness for tortoise shell eyewear. 

3. They Complement Every Style

Glasses fall into various designs and models, including round, square, oval, rectangle, geometric, oversized, cat-eye, aviator, and more. Tortoise shell framing comes in many colors and can work with any of these styles. You can find your preferred style and lenses, including clear and tinted variations, to help fit your wardrobe and skin tone.

4. They’re Timeless

These fashionable glasses are timeless, meaning they have withstood the test of time. Some styles and designs are only trendy for a short while before disappearing, never to be seen again. Tortoise shell frames have been around for more than a century and are returning to the mainstream. 

5. They Match Your Needs

Tortoise shell fashion glasses have an extensive range of options. The frames offer unique patterns and colors, so you aren’t limited to a one-size-fits-all. You can find thin, light frames to accentuate black, blond, or red hair. Classic brown-honey tones go well with blue eyes and light skin. Colored tortoise shell frames complement darker skin tones. The frames let you match your skin, features, makeup, and accessories. You can also find options for prescription tortoise shell glasses as needed.

6. They Can Be Classic or Contemporary

These fashion glasses have been around for ages and offer an extensive range of vintage and modern styles/designs. You can choose a true vintage-inspired fashion look with classic tortoise shell patterns and frame designs. Subtle aviator-inspired glasses and frames can offer a more contemporary look. Having a variety of style choices makes it easier for men and women to find a pair of tortoise shell fashion glasses they love.

7. They Complement Clear & Tinted Lenses

Tortoise shell frames work for all types of lenses. Some wearers like a darker tint to help mask their glances, while others choose a clear lens for added transparency. Tortoise shell frames pair well with both clear and tinted lenses, each one bringing out a different side of elegance.

Buying Premium Quality Tortoise Shell Glasses

Tortoise shell glasses are timeless, versatile, and offer a trendy, on-point look for both men and women. They are sleek, durable, aesthetic, and easy to clean. You can find styles that blend the essence of nostalgia with a classic and modern design. Tortoise shell fashion glasses remove the usual limitations, allowing you to reveal your true personality. Purchase your glasses from brands with a proven record of providing quality products and let your style show.

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