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Stay Informed: Latest Updates on Share Market Today and ICICI Bank

The share market is sometimes called the equity market or stock exchange. It is the venue where publicly traded corporations offer their stock for sale to draw in investors. The primary objective of the share market is to enable buyers, traders, and investors to purchase and sell shares more easily. This article offers the critical information required to navigate through stocks and shares effectively and the latest news on the ICICI bank share rates and strategies.

Share market trends and updates.

Trading shares can be done electronically or from a trading floor. This process would be challenging without the stock market. Buyers and traders are drawn to different stocks when they are sold on the stock market; traders may attempt to bid higher or lower for a share, depending on their assessment of the company’s future potential, while buyers look for lower prices to ensure a more significant return on their investment when they decide to sell.

Purchasing stock entitles investors to varying degrees of “ownership” in the company, contingent on the quantity of shares purchased. The acquirer of the stock may be entitled to some of the company’s assets. The people who buy the shares are called stockholders or shareholders.

Numerous variables impact the share market. It is essential for investors who want to make well-informed choices to know what is happening in the share market today.

Current updates

On January 24, 2024, at the time of writing, the Indian stock market indices, the Sensex and Nifty 50, will probably stay erratic due to various global influences and following a significant drop in the previous session.

The Indian benchmark index is off to a fast start, based on Gift Nifty’s patterns. Compared to the Nifty futures’ previous close of 21,202, the Gift Nifty is currently trading at about 21,299.45, while the BSE Sensex is trading at approximately 70,541.05.

The benchmark domestic market indices saw severe losses on January 23 due to a widespread sell-off. The Nifty 50 closed 333.00 points, or 1.54%, lower at 21,238.80, while the Sensex fell 1,053.10 points, or 1.47%, to end at 70,370.55.

On the daily chart, the Nifty 50 produced a lengthy bear candle, signifying a significant downward reversal in the market following a slight upswing in the preceding several sessions. The Nifty’s short-term trend is downward, which indicates that additional deterioration may be anticipated soon. If the market stays below 21,500, it might remain a “sell on rise” situation. This critical support is located in the 45,000–44,800 range. If this support zone is broken, selling pressure would increase, and the price might drop to about 44,000.

ICICI Bank and the share market

ICICI Bank is a top-rated bank with in-demand shares. Its share prices have a direct influence on the country’s economy.

Factor affecting ICICI Bank share price

To understand the workings of its share price, it is essential to consider different factors. These are the bank’s financial performance, worldwide market patterns, regulation changes, and economic indicators.

  1. Performance: Investors always consider the financial reports, quarterly results, and management comments of the bank. Key variables such as net profit, asset quality, and loan book growth can influence the impression of the bank’s stability and development potential.
  2. Worldwide patterns: World events and market trends may impact ICICI Bank’s share price. A few important things to monitor are changes in global finance policy, economic developments in key economies, and geopolitical conflicts.
  3. Regulation changes: Legislation changes can affect the operations and profitability of ICICI Bank. This is because the banking business has to follow stringent regulations. Comprehending regulatory advancements is essential to understanding the bank’s future possibilities.

Latest updates on ICICI Bank share price

ICICI Bank Ltd. was a top gainer in the Nifty index, up 2.02%. ICICI Bank’s stock has a market capitalisation of ₹7,03,096 Cr. The ICICI Bank share price has ranged from ₹796.00 to ₹1,059.40 during the past 52 weeks.

How to analyse ICICI Bank share price

Investors keen to invest in ICICI Bank shares need to follow the latest trends and share rate changes. These will give them an idea of whether to make the investment and how to manage it. Some key metrics need to be known to analyse the ICICI bank’s share value in the share market today.

The important metrics are:

  • The Bank’s PE Ratio is 16.52.
  • The Bank’s earnings per share is 60.50.
  • The Bank’s price-to-sales ratio is 5.06.
  • The Bank’s price-to-book ratio is 3.27.

Current share price and share returns of ICICI Bank

At the time of writing this article on January 24, 2024, the share price of ICICI Bank decreased by 2.69%. This is about the previous closing price of ₹1,008.7. 

The ICICI Bank share price on

  • NSE is ₹998.10 
  • BSE is ₹999.60.
  • Futures in 998
  • Options is 6.85

Performance of ICICI Bank Shares’ Returns:

  • ICICI Bank’s share price increased by 1.82% in a week.
  • ICICI Bank’s share price increased by 0.54% in a month.
  • Three months later, the price of ICICI Bank’s shares increased by 7.50%.
  • ICICI Bank’s share price increased by 0.77% over six months.

Key insights of ICICI Bank financials

The critical updates on ICICI bank in the share market today, according to trusted platforms and news portals, are:

  1. Increasing Net Interest Margin: With margins of 3.6% last year, the company has continuously increased its net interest margin over the previous three years. Consolidated Financials is the source.
  2. Increased Profit Per Employee: Over the previous three years, net profit per employee has increased steadily by 14.2% in the last year. Standalone Financials is the source.


Associating with the share market requires strategic thinking and real-time information. Investors should frequently check financial news portals and market indices to stay informed about ICICI Bank share price changes. The share market is highly unpredictable, so performance history is no testament to success. It is also essential to be clear about investment goals and risk tolerance.  Being informed and adequately applying the information is the key to thriving in today’s share market.

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