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Red Onion Can Remove this Critical Disease

=Benefits of red onion
=Healthy Red Onions
=Prevents from Cancer

Why our elders give us the advice of eating salad(specially onion) with meal . Actually the onion gives us many types of health benefits. The onion enhances the immunity of the body and prevents from the disease. Due to Regular consumption of onions our body receives a shield. That is why doctors recommend eating onions with food.

Onion is also helpful in cancer prevention. It is full of antioxidants. Vitamin C contained in it helps in cancer prevention. A recent research has confirmed that who eat red onion has very less risk of cancer.

Researchers from this research in Canada say, ‘We have found that on red onion there are many such qualities that are essential for the elimination of cancer. Elements of red onion are so active that they eliminate cancerous cells from the root. As well as promote anti-cancer environments for cancerous cells which inhibit communication between cancer cells and prevent it from growing.

Properties of Onion

Onion does not only enhance the taste of food but also protects us from many diseases. In addition to the red onion, white and pink onions also give us many benefits. Although the red onion is called a boon for health. Because it increases the immunity of the body so much that diseases do not occur early, especially cancer. Apart from this the onion is also beneficial in the problems of discomfort and indigestion in the body.

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