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6 Top Tips for Giving Your Garden Shed a Makeover

A garden shed can serve many purposes, as it is ideal as a home gym, a charming pub, tool storage, or for growing plants and flowers, to name a few ideas. If your current shed is a little boring or tired, you can introduce various changes to give it a new lease on life. Don’t allow the structure to go to waste in your exterior. Check out these six top tips for giving your garden shed a makeover.

  1. Install Insulation for a Cozier Space

If you plan to spend much time inside your shed following a makeover, add insulation to create a warmer environment for yourself and any guests. Once the insulation is complete, you can install drywall to turn the shed into an inviting room.

  • Add a Fresh Coat of Paint

Create a more welcoming shed by giving its interior and exterior a fresh like of paint. Spend a weekend sprucing up its color inside and out. Once you step inside, it will make the structure pop in your garden while creating a cozier environment. Choose from different colors to match your taste, property, and its usage.

  • Change the Flooring

Once you have added insulation, hung drywall, and decorated the interior, turn your attention to improving your shed’s flooring. For instance, you can select from many flooring options to match your specific needs and preferences from, such as hard-standing floor tiles or anti-slip rubber flooring. You are bound to find a flooring option to suit your shed while creating a hardwearing, visually appealing interior.

  • Increase Natural Light with a Window

If your current shed doesn’t have a window, welcome more natural light by adding at least one window. It will stop a garden shed from feeling small and uninviting, as the sunlight will make it appear brighter, bigger, and more attractive. It is a must-do if you are planning to turn your shed into a bar or home office.

  • Weather Strip Your Windows and Doors

Weather stripping windows and doors will prevent cold air from entering and warm air from escaping. Start by applying weatherproof plastic to each window and place sealing foam tape along the bottom of each panel. Also, place a draft excluder under the shed’s door to create a warm environment once side.

  • Install a Solar Power Kit

Did you know you can power your garden shed without using your home’s electricity? Install a solar power kit onto your shed’s roof, as the panels will absorb the sun’s energy before converting it to electricity. As a result, you can power various electrical appliances, such as a lamp, a microwave, a stereo, phone chargers, and more.

Transforming an existing garden shed does not need to cost a substantial sum. Also, the extra square footage could provide more space for a gym, home office, tool storage area, or sleek bar. You will wish you had given it a makeover much sooner.

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