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Top wall painting designs for different parts of the house

Wall painting designs can provide a vibe like never before. The same walls in a different look – and that can be achieved simply with wall painting designs that are easy on the eye and pleasing to look at. Additionally, you can get them with the best contractors in the country since they are up and coming in the aesthetic sector. Naturally, some of the most exquisite home painters in Pune will have wall designs that are different and can be customized based on the part of the house you want to add them to. Such luxury can only be found when you associate yourself with the best in the business.

If you have chosen to paint your home with minimal effort but equally great quality, you need not look further than wall designs. A simple, subtle, yet beautiful way to decorate your house without making it seem too loud – wall designs can be a fun way to help your house look its creative best. You can always add these designs even with a full painting process or can choose to just use certain designs without sprucing up the whole room. Do not forget to use the basics like acrylic wall putty before you paint the wall with the designs, in case of a full paint job. This will help the design stay intact for far longer giving your room the durable shine and sheen it deserves.

Here are a few top designs for wall painting that you can use for the different rooms in your house –

The living room – Since the living room is common and most used, you might want to incorporate a painting design that is more general and would look pleasing universally. Another way to go about this would be to have the design complement the existing furniture.

  • Safari classic – To make the living room more accommodating to everyone’s needs, this style can work best. Hang wall paintings on the otherwise plain wall and make it more decorative
  • Wheels of fortune – This stencil looks pleasing to the eye owing to the symmetry and style it exudes. You can choose to place it on certain parts of the wall too!

The bedroom – This is the place where you will be allowed to showcase your personality and exclusivity. Make a list of your preferences and select designs that match the same.

  • Archi concrete – How brilliant would this modern design style look in the master bedroom? Do not think twice before selecting it
  • Texture stucco – For the perfect modern look, you would not be able to take your eyes off this one. Pair it with minimalistic furniture for the ideal look.

Corridors – If you feel that wall designs might not be your style in the rooms of the house, the corridors or open spaces can be a good place to fit them in. These designs can add to the ambiance and make them look fun and exciting.

  • Bricks texture – Opting for a rustic feel? You cannot go wrong with bricks! They might look overwhelming in the bedrooms if that is not your style, but this design is one of the most used ones for corridors and certain parts of the house
  • Tree of life – Another design that might provide a nice look and feel in the corridors of the house would be this one. Printed on any plain background, the tree of life can be a nice segway into the rooms from the corridors

Stencils, wall designs, and textures can add a lot to your house even without knowing it. What it adds to your house and the overall aesthetic would be supremely pleasing, and you might not be able to stop at one. Select the design carefully and choose them based on the rooms you want to incorporate it into. You can always add or change them eventually.

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