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Things to Consider While Buying Travel Insurance Online for Dubai Trips

Are you planning a trip to Dubai from India in 2024? Well, if so, there are several things to consider. Look for the best time to visit the country, find and reserve accommodations, book flight tickets, pack the right luggage, keep essential documents handy, convert currency, and get travel insurance.

Whether for business or leisure, the United Arab Emirates witnessed the highest number of Indian travellers in 2022, with nearly 5.9 Million. Attracting millions of Indian tourists every year, whether it is the modern architecture, shopping paradise, luxury hotels, stunning tourist destinations, or proximity to India, Dubai has become one of the most popular destinations. 

However, when planning a trip to the country, one of the first things one might realise is that it is necessary to opt for travel insurance to get a visa to enter the Arab Nation. Although eligible Indian nationals with US, UK, or Schengen Visas are allowed to enter the country without a visa, Indians without them must avail of a UAE Visa to enter the country, and one of the requirements for that is travel insurance Dubai.

Why is it important to choose the right travel insurance?

Whether you want to gain entry into the United Arab Emirates, secure your Dubai trip from medical and non-medical travel-related risks, or explore Dubai with confidence and peace of mind, choosing the right travel insurance can make the difference in a safe journey. 

While Dubai is rated as one of the safest cities in the world, travellers are still highly recommended to opt for travel insurance when visiting the city. While there might be nothing direct, there are risks like lost checked-in baggage, missed connecting flights, trip delay, interruption and cancellation, medical emergencies, and personal accidents.

How to get the right travel insurance online?

Travellers can choose the right travel insurance online by considering the following factors and getting the right policy for your needs. 

  • Coverage options

Consider the availability of essential coverages like trip delay, cancellation, medical emergency, personal accident, etc.

  • Sum assured

Check the total coverage an insurance provider offers for a particular policy. Companies like Niva Bupa provide travel insurance in Dubai with up to $100,000 of coverage.

  • Travel destination

As insurance providers do not offer travel insurance for all destinations, individuals must check if the insurer provides travel insurance for their specific destination.

  • Nature of the trip

Consider the nature of the trip. For example, student travellers must opt for a student travel insurance policy for their educational journey.

  • Premium charged for the policy

Compare the premium charged for the specific policy you have opted for based on your particular needs.

  • Exclusions of the policy

Also, check the exclusions, which are specific circumstances the insurance provider does not cover. 

  • Reliability of the insurer

It is also essential to check online reviews and testimonials and assess the insurer’s reliability to find the right insurer for your policy.

How to buy travel insurance Dubai?

Travellers looking to buy travel insurance in Dubai can do so from one of India’s leading providers, Niva Bupa, with just a few clicks and secure their trips within minutes. All you need to do is visit the “Travel Insurance“ page on the Niva Bupa website to start. 

  1. Once on that page, fill out all the relevant requested information and click on view plans. 
  2. On the next page, select the number of travellers and choose their dates of birth. 
  3. Once that is done, select one of the three plans provided by Niva Bupa and choose the total amount you would like to secure your trip for. 
  4. Once selected, you can fill in the requested information and submit the relevant information, purchase the policy and secure your Dubai trip from dozens of medical and non-medical risks. 

What are the benefits of opting for travel insurance Dubai from Niva Bupa?

Getting travel insurance online from Niva Bupa comes with a host of benefits. It enables travellers to secure their trip from dozens of risks, protecting them from the financial impact of these risks. 

  • Niva Bupa’s Travel Insurance Dubai provides 24/7 assistance in case of any emergency and acts as a safety net when faced with any risk. 
  • The policy covers policyholders from expenses borne from both medical and non-medical risks. 
  • A few key risks covered are medical emergencies, personal accidents, COVID-19, medical evacuation, repatriation, pre-existing diseases during emergencies, loss of checked-in baggage or essential documents like passport and visa, missed connecting flights, trip delay, interruption and cancellation. 
  • In addition, student travellers are also provided coverage for several risks students might face in their educational journey. For example, 100% pre-existing disease coverage, study interruption coverage, sponsor protection, dental treatment, maternity expenses, and more.


While several factors must be considered when purchasing travel insurance, individuals can visit the Niva Bupa website and buy one of the best policies for over 190 destinations worldwide in a simple and affordable manner. So secure your UAE trip and travel with confidence and peace of mind as you explore Dubai and surrounding cities empowered by travel insurance from Niva Bupa. 

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