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Want to find your kid an activity this summer? Consider day camps

Because the summer offers a break for kids from school, parents need to come up with new ideas to entertain their children and not let them get bored. And while providing them access to tech devices is the easiest way to give them an occupation,  you shouldn’t do it  regularly, as there are always better options to try. And how does the idea of summer camps sound to you? Summer camp can be the best alternative to try in this period as it greatly benefits all kids. Besides the fact that children will have the best time of their life, they will also develop some essential life skills that will help them become more independent and boost their creativity. The best part about summer camps is that kids grow, learn and explore in a fun way that motivates them to be more interactive and communicate more openly.

If you are not convinced yet that summer camps are the best way to spend time during vacations, here are some more advantages that will make you change your mind.

Create friendships

In a day camp, kids meet children who share the same passions and interests, and they create genuine friendships because they experience and face challenges together. Sharing the exact room, space, and activities will create a bond that can last forever, and this is why, after attending a camp, you can see that many campers still keep in touch with their besties, attend activities and spend free time together.

Develop life skills

Because at home, parents are the ones who deal with the daily chores, and in most cases, they pamper their children, kids don’t know how it feels to be responsible for something important. Instead, because the family is not with them at the children’s day camp, they must complete some duties that will help them develop essential life skills. For example, activities at a day camp in Queens include swimming, dancing, and cooking, all giving the possibility of solving problems independently, learning how to behave in a community, and taking essential choices. They will also overcome obstacles and fears, becoming thus more confident, which will help later in life. Social skills should also be mentioned, as kids will have plenty of opportunities to develop them in an environment that is not their usual everyday friends’ circle. Also, camps in Queens will offer the possibility of gaining patience, compassion, self-awareness, and resilience, making them capable of taking their own decisions without the fear of being judged by someone.

Teach teamwork

Teamwork makes the dream work, but, unfortunately, kids nowadays don’t know how to behave around other kids as they spend most of their time in front of the screens, playing video games for hours. But, in a day camp, you don’t need to worry, as no matter your child’s interests, the day camp will provide activities requiring teamwork, whether a sport or a craft-related game. Learning how to work in a team will become an essential skill for life that will improve emotional intelligence, leadership and communication.

As a result, children will consider teamwork the main solution and always reach for this alternative rather than resolving problems on their own. In the long run, in this way, they will become active members of society who will want to make changes whenever they see something wrong.

Promote independence

Independence is a quality greatly appreciated and fostered in a day camp, where children learn that they are responsible for their actions in all the areas of their daily activities, whether it is about their chores or the learning process. Before the start of the day, campers need to do their duties, which can include making beds, emptying the trash or sweeping the floors, and ensuring that their room is always clean and tidy. And hopefully, maybe they will bring the enthusiasm and what they have learned from there and get used to accomplishing these tasks at home (at least, we hope so).

The chores will show them that they have a vital role in the camp community, and they will see that if the task is not fulfilled, they can endanger the good function of the camp’s activities. Additionally, with independence, they will develop a sense of identity and discover their interests, what they like to do more, and their strengths and weaknesses. In this way, later on, they will become self-sufficient adults who know to trust their guts instead of always asking their parents for help. And the good news is that summer camps nurture the idea that independence is necessary and should be considered, and they try to implement this principle in all the activities.

Give a separation from technology

Nowadays, it is very rare to see your kid not connected to technology and using the phones to play games or to spend time on social platforms. So, the best way to eliminate tech distractions will be to consider participating in a camp because a break from laptops will increase creativity and improve important social skills and face-to-face interaction.

Also, in this way, kids will be more likely to connect with the nature around them. Nature has vital benefits for children as it stimulates the senses and helps them find joy in the little things. Not to mention that spending time outdoors encourages physical activity, thus improving their overall health. Outside, they can run freely, jump, climb, and breathe fresh air, so several camps have integrated activities that permit them to experience the magic of nature.

Final words

As you can see, the benefits of a day camp are plenty, and it would be fantastic if you offered your kid the chance to enjoy the best experience this summer and make lifetime memories. Plus, your children will return home with more independence, new friends and a full list of skills that will significantly benefit their life.

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