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What Are The Symptoms Of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Syndrome?

Knowing More About The Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Syndrome

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Syndrome (ADHD) is basically a mental health disturbance which grows in the children during their adolescence. This can influence the success of your child negatively and can make him or her, a material of social bullying. This disorder generally starts to grow from the age of 7 and may persist for a long time.

Apart from kids, there are adults that suffer from the symptoms of ADHD as well. This is one of the most dangerous and the most effective mental health disturbances that is the reason for many mental problems in human beings. And to think that kids are being affected by this particular syndrome really is painful to imagine.

Identifying The Symptoms Of ADHD

Knowing about the symptoms of ADHD is a very important task as the symptoms start to show in the early ages. This makes it a bit easier to know whether the child has ADHD or not. But most people when it comes to identifying the symptoms, can’t do pretty much in that case as they don’t know much about it.  Parents of many kids find it difficult to understand whether their child has ADHD or not. That can be a big problem when it comes to treating the problem. So it is essential that they figure out the symptoms.

The Symptoms Of Attentive Deficit Hyperactivity Syndrome

To be able to identify the symptoms of the syndrome is extremely important so that the child can go through the treatment that is required. So, here is the list of some symptoms, which will help you to understand that if your child having this ADHD disorder or not.

  • Your Kid May Suffer From Lack Of Concentration: Being a kid, your child will obviously make some tantrums, and being a parent, you have to deal with those tantrums. However, if your kid has ADHD, then the tantrums will rise at an exorbitant rate.
  • They will lose focus or they will be unable to focus on anything for a prolonged time. A significant lack of focus and concentration is one of the symptoms of the syndrome.
  •  If you see that your child is not focusing enough on the tasks that are given to him and is showing tantrums that are pretty much uncontrollable, this might be a sign of ADHD. The best thing to do then is to visit a doctor to get further information.
  • Performing Actions without Even Thinking: The thinking capability of the kid is hampered when he has ADHD and that can be seen in his performance as well. Kids suffering from ADHD lacks in the field of concentration.
  • They are unable to provide the required level of attention towards their studies and it leads to underperformance. When you see that the child is not being able to perform the way he should then it is time to consider whether he has ADHD or not.
  • Most of the times, during certain scenarios, the child does things without even thinking about them which can be the cause for different kinds of troublesome times. However, they can excel in their later life with proper medication.
  • Kid May Feel Problem to Sit Quietly and Still: ADHD is a syndrome which makes kids inattentive and their level of anxiety is also higher. A Higher level of anxiety means that there will be hyperactivity. And the kid will be anxious all the time. Children suffering from ADHD show symptoms of anxiety in the very early stages of life. Thus they cannot seat at a place quiet and still. They try to gain attention on them by doing absurd things. Doing particular things that would make the attention of other people divert to them is something that the ADHD patients do.
  • Your Child May Become an Introvert: Sure it is true that ADHD cause hyperactivity and anxiety but there might also be some cases where the child grows extremely quiet and becomes an introverted kind of person. There are cases where it has been seen that a child who has been suffering from ADHD, tends to be an introvert. They are unable to understand the need of other people and fail to create friends. This is what leads to other mental issues in their lives such as depression and mental instability. Everyone needs friends in their lives and the people who suffer from ADHD tend to remain lonely because of their inability to make friends.
  • Anxiety Disorder Will Tend To Grow: The rise in anxiety is another prominent syndrome of ADHD. They may have increased heartbeat, dizziness, and excessive sweating. Moreover, they feel nervous and depressed most of the time. This has certain effects on the health of the child as well. Continuous bouts of fainting and dizziness can lead to brain abnormality and other health criticalities. The symptoms of ADHD are all pretty much identifiable from the early stages of the life of the child and to identify these symptoms you need to make sure that you know your kid well. Sometimes, parents tend to ignore these symptoms and as a result, the syndrome starts increasing its effect and people get affected more and more.
  • Has Problem In Organizing Stuff: It is often seen in the children with ADHD that they have a certain issue with being organized. Be it the school projects or any task at home, you will notice that the symptoms clearly suggest that the affected child is not being able to organize things properly. Their rooms are a mess. Their clothes are a mess. Their activities are a mess as well. It is really important to take notice of these symptoms as they tend to tell the parents about the condition of their child who is suffering for ADHD.
  • The Child Seems To Dream A Lot: Most of the times it happens that due to the lack of focus, the child often spaces out during odd times. Perhaps in a class, or while dining or maybe in any other situation. This could be another sign of ADHD, as the kids who are affected by this syndrome have a tendency to dream a lot even when they are awake. Day-dreaming is something that most people don’t take seriously, but that shouldn’t be the case if someone is suffering from ADHD as it is a very serious symptom.
  • The Kid Has Problems In Finishing Tasks: There are many instances where the kids suffering from ADHD have a problem in handling the tasks given to him and hence they have a difficulty in completing the tasks that are being handed over to them. Poor performance in school and absent-mindedness at home is certainly one of the greatest symptoms of ADHD and it is really important that parents start to identify these symptoms if they want to treat their child in the most effective way.

Treating ADHD

It is a really big deal if a child is suffering from ADHD. Ad most people don’t even get to know that the kids have ADHD or not. They just tend to avoid the symptoms by considering them as the signs of growing up. But it is really important for parents to dig deeper and identify the symptoms that suggest that their child is suffering from ADHD, as with the recognition of the symptoms, it will be an easier process to treat the child.

Now there are many options available for treating someone who is suffering from ADHD. Medical science has advanced in a way where there is medication for this particular symptom if anyone is suffering. But then, some people don’t opt for medications because the medications don’t provide a permanent cure from ADHD.

For them, the therapies and the awareness programs at several health institutions are the best bet.

With the help of these programs and therapies, patients with ADHD are treated in the numerous health institutions with proper attention and care. Special care is given to the fact that these patients have an anxious mind, and hence a cool and soft environment should be provided for them to stay.

Kids are naughty by nature but if they have this ADHD disorder then his or her concentration will start to fall and his tantrums will tend to rise at an exorbitant rate. These above-mentioned symptoms will certainly help you to understand whether your child is having any kind of hyperactivity syndrome or not. If you sense ADHD disorder in your child, then it would be great to visit a doctor as soon as possible.

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