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Cable Vs Streaming: Which Service Provides Your Favorite Channels?

Cable TV and streaming services are in quite the battle in our times. Both services come with their unique offerings. Depending on your needs, you may choose one of them or go for a bundle package to keep both. However, all of this depends upon your preferences.

It is safe to maintain that many users have shifted to streaming services. The fact remains that many users still prefer cable TV. Even though I use Charter Spectrum for streaming 4K movies, I still keep my cable TV for smooth, uninterrupted MMA matches. It all comes down to your preferences at the end of the day.

It is understandable that you want access to all your favorite channels without a worry in the world. And it’s a good approach as well. Let us look at the features that cable and streaming services offer!

Transmission Quality

Cable TV comes with a very smooth transmission, generally. This is because of a wired connection that does not experience data losses. The only reason a channel may be down is because of a possible weather condition or power outage. The transmission is quite smooth and fluent.

If you’re using a streaming service, the possibility of buffering issues always remains. Network traffic congestion during peak hours is also quite a nuisance. Moreover, you may have a higher number of users at home. Do careful research to find out if the internet is stable in your area. If it is, you can enjoy streaming 4K videos as well!

Ease of Accessibility

Cable TV is based on a wired connection. As a result, you can’t really move your TV around too much. Most of the time, you will have to seat yourself down in a dedicated spot to watch your favorite news, movies, or sports channel.

Streaming services work with the help of the internet. As a result, you can stream a video anywhere in your house where the network signals can reach. If you are using a home Wi-Fi service, use the Wi-Fi analyzer to find out the Wi-Fi signal range. Within it, you can use your streaming services on Wi-Fi enabled devices. However, if the connected devices are more you may experience interruptions in transmission.

Number of Channels

With the help of cable TV, you can get access to all your favorite channels and more. This is quite okay for some. However, others find this intrusive and unnecessary. Regardless, you get access to a lot of channels.

With internet streaming services, you can limit the number of channels you want access to. And whenever there’s something you’re looking for, you can get it. On-demand services are quite helpful and save lots of time. However, they do come with a price.

Say Goodbye to Commercials

When it comes to cable TV, you are going to watch a lot of commercials without the option to skip them. There’s just nothing you can do about it. With smooth transmission comes this price. Some users find this acceptable. However, others find this quite bothersome. Quite frequently you will see an interruption in your favorite game show due to an ad.

If you’re using a streaming service, revel in the fact that you won’t have ads most of the time. Even if you do see them, they will only last a few seconds. And they are only due to third-party applications on your device. This is a huge plus especially if you’re watching a movie. Make sure to disable any third-party apps to avoid ads. In light of all the above arguments, you can make an informed decision now. Make sure to carefully analyze what works best for you. I don’t regret my decision to maintain my Spectrum cable services because from time to time, I want to access new channels.

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