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TikViral’s 10 Smart Ways To Promote A Book Through TikTok

In the modern era, almost every teenager is obsessed with the trending social media platform ‘TikTok.’ In addition, the integration of interactive features and the presence of Gen Z has reshaped TikTok into a go-to application for creators and brands. 

Though there are many ways to promote a book, you shall choose TikTok as your marketing hub. Wondering why? TikTok is an entertainment-based video-sharing platform widely utilized to reach a unique audience segment with less competition and stand out from the competition. The best part is that you can avail free followers to enhance the authenticity of your profile and gain more customers quickly. 

Are you thrilled to know the different ways to promote your book on TikTok? That’s great! Continue reading this article to grasp what you are looking for. 

#1 Use Your Bio Wisely 

Bio is one of the vital parts of a TikTok profile, which can create the first impression among audiences. Since TikTok enables users to add only a few lines with a character limit on bio, you should make it precise. So, create a bio to convey who you are and how your book(s) will help the readers.

#2 Always Adapt The Trend

Going with the current trends is a great idea to reach a broader audience on TikTok. First, spend a decent amount of time doing thorough research on the trending sounds, themes, and visual effects that TikTok users are interested in. Then, utilize those trends while creating your video and post it on your profile to experience its benefits. On the other hand, seek the support of TikViral to increase visibility and enhance your exposure at ease. 

#3 Take Advantage Of Hashtags 

If you want to make your TikTok video viral, you should consider adding relevant hashtags along with popular ones. For example, utilize hashtags like #FYP #viralvideos #author #Writer #booktok and still more that suits your book or genre. 

#4 Reveal Your Book Cover 

The cover image is the first and foremost thing every reader expects to see. But, for a change, you can film a short video to unveil your book cover and publish it as a teaser on TikTok by adding trending music. It’s a great idea, isn’t it? So get hold of this unique way to give a tough to your competitors.

#5 Summarize Your Book 

As the author of your book, only you possess the right to convey the theme and the concepts included in it. Then, you have to summarize what the book is all about and how it may impact the readers. This helps your potential readers to decide whether they want to buy your book or not. 

#6 Share A Chunk From Your Book 

You can pick the best quotes or dialogues from your book and make a short video to post them consistently on TikTok at regular intervals. This will impress the readers to buy the book with curiosity and get to know the complete information as soon as possible. 

#7 Share Your Writing Experience 

Instead of focusing on complete promotion, it is better to post videos that explain your thoughts and experiences that you felt while writing your book. It may help your readers better understand your own style of writing and may increase the chances of buying your book. 

#8 Host A Giveaway

Availing of special discounts or products for free is what our people would always prefer. So make use of this opportunity and plan to do a giveaway alert to bring the audience’s attention and gain new followers. For instance, ask your existing audience to like your post, follow your profile and bring their friends/family to do the same. Then, shortlist a few followers and present them with your book as a giveaway in return. 

#9 Post A Scene As Video 

Another way to promote your book is by curating a video with the scenes you have demonstrated. Whatever the genre may be, give it a try to design video clips that might explain your concepts visually. It will surely create hype about your book among your target audience. 

#10 Partner With Other TikTokers

TikTok offers the ‘Duet’ feature to help creators coordinate with other TikTokers for better engagement. For example, you can make a video with your peers by discussing your book and letting them review it for you. Apart from this, you can try out TikViral to increase your engagement rate and build credibility for your profile. 

The Bottom Line 

Hope now you have a clear idea about using TikTok to promote your book in a profitable way. Taking advantage of the methods mentioned above will ideally help you gain a massive audience and increase the sales of your book for sure. 

Cheers to becoming a famous author on TikTok and shining out from your peers! 

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