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Why Does My Bra Feel Uncomfortable When I Sit?

It’s a common occurrence, even if it does not happen every day, to sit down and suddenly feel like your bra has changed to a different size. It can be because the band suddenly feels tighter or pushes into the wrong spot. It can be because you suddenly feel like the cup size got too small. Those are hardly the only ways your undergarments can uncomfortably shift, but however you feel it, there are a few simple solutions that can help you solve the issue.

You Might Need To Make an Adjustment

Sometimes the issue is as simple as your shoulder straps being a little bit off. It’s the fastest thing to check and the easiest to adjust, so if you try adjusting the height of your straps to adjust where your band or underwire rests, you could solve everything.

Adjustable bra straps can move around for a lot of reasons, from being tossed around too much in the wash to the fabric wearing and stretching so it gets longer. If the latter is the issue, then your bra might be getting old enough that you need a replacement even if you do not need to change bra sizes.

You’re Wearing the Wrong Size

If you are wearing the wrong size, there are a few different ways to figure it out. For wireless bras, the band will sometimes roll when you sit or move back to a standing position. It can also roll in ways that make it difficult to put on correctly in the morning for the same reason. Discomfort when sitting but not standing is also a sign of the wrong size, especially if your shoulder straps are not adjustable at all.

Having the wrong band size is not the only way the wrong fit could cause discomfort when you sit down, either. If your cup size is too large, it could lead to shifts that leave you in less than desirable positions when you go from seating to standing. If it’s too small, sitting could create pinch points near the armpits, neck line, or band. The best way to figure out what your ideal size should be is to use a bra size calculator that provides you with options to match your body type and a sister sizing guide that shows you compatible sizes that might provide a more comfortable fit.

The Bra Style Doesn’t Match Your Breast Type

The last of the major bra fit issues that can lead to discomfort when you change positions is having the right size but the wrong shape. The reason good fit calculators take your breast type into account is because the type of shape you have will suit different bra styles and affect where you need support, as well as how much you need to achieve the silhouette you want.

Even for something as basic as a T-shirt bra, understanding your breast type can help you decide if you would be better off with a sister size than a straight size by giving you an idea about whether you need a looser band fit. Take the time to use a bra fit calculator that includes your breast type today to find your perfect daily bra style.

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