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Going to the beach? Trending swimsuits for 2022

The days are getting longer and warmer, so it is almost time to book that trip to the beach or that much-needed vacation. If it’s been a few years since you went to the beach, you may be wanting to get some bits for your beachwear – while at the same time being stylish and turning heads. 

There are many different types of beachwear that you can choose from. While it is always best to go with what you know, it can be fun to mix it up too. Here are 7 types of swimsuits that are predicted to trend in 2022. 

One-shoulder swimsuit

This is pretty self-explanatory: it is like a standard one-piece swimsuit, but the strap only goes over one shoulder, thus offering a chic sophisticated look while also being functional. It is also great for keeping you shaded if you are on a hot, bright beach.

Some one-shouldered swimsuits display the stomach (and the hips!) through sheer materials. Perfect if you want to show off a midsection tattoo.

Belted swimsuit

A belted swimsuit is a great way to show off a curvier figure, even some Land’s End plus size swimwear comes with belts attached. This option can pull in the waist and push out the hips, creating an hourglass silhouette – which always looks great in an all-in-one swimsuit. 

It also offers something a bit different to those who don’t want to follow the crowd. The belts can be made from cotton or rope or they can have a buckle, which will pull eyes to your waist. They can also contrast with the rest of the swimsuit – it is up to you!

Halter neck bikinis

The halter neck bikini was popular in the 1950s and it certainly is showing no signs of slowing down. 

This option is often suited to those who have larger busts, as it offers extra support while pulling the cleavage in. It also removes the need for straps, which can dig in if you are particularly ample in the bosom department. It is lightweight and comes in a multitude of designs. Just be sure to wear sunscreen on your exposed skin and a hat – Halter necks always look great when paired with sunhats!

Ribbed swimsuit

Most people picture a swimsuit that is made from smooth, fitted material. 

As the name suggests, the ribbed swimsuit is different. The material is expandable, with visual similarity to cheesecloth. A ribbed swimsuit is often a favorite of women who are pregnant as it can show off the pregnancy bump without warping out of shape. So when your baby is born, it will still hug your figure perfectly.

This swimsuit can be a bit looser fitting, so, take care if you are going swimming!

Cut-out swimsuits

Whether you are on the beach or near a pool, a cut-out swimsuit will get you spotted.

It takes the coverage of a full swimsuit and then removes certain parts. Usually, this is around the waist. Great for showing off curves!

Just be sure when you wear this option that you apply sunscreen to the cut-out areas!


While not ideal if you are going to be going swimming, crocheted swimsuits can certainly create wow value when you are sunbathing.

As the name suggests, crocheted options are usually made from very strong yarn. So they are not waterproof. They often have designed areas of exposure (be sure to wear sunscreen!) and can be very intricate. Some of the popular options for 2032 also have embellishments. They can look more like works of art than a swimsuit!

These can be great for if you are sunbathing in a warmer climate. The cotton yarn and holes allow for a more comfortable experience. Just do not try swimming in them!

Strapless bikini

Imagine the standard bikini top – remove the straps and you have the strapless bikini!

This is a great option if you are wanting to make a statement on the beach or at the pool!

Strapless bikinis are great for all body shapes. But if you have a larger bust, you may want a bit more support.

They are great paired with sun hats and sarongs, even beach jewelry. Just be certain to take care of you are going to be swimming in your strapless bikini. Also, make sure you apply lots of sunscreen if you will not be wearing any shoulder covering.

Whether you are going on vacation or to a local beach, the most important aspect of any swimsuit is that it allows you to feel comfortable – be sure it serves its function. Always remember, when at the beach or at the pool, just kick back and relax!

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