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The Best Australia Beaches to Visit

Did you know that there are nearly 12,000 beaches along the coast of Australia?

The abundance of beaches makes this country a desirable place to vacation and explore. Whether you want to be adventurous and go surfing or sunbathing in the sand, you can find the perfect spot. Since there are so many options, you need to know what each one is known for.

Keep reading to learn about the best Australia beaches to explore in 2023!

Hyams Beach

One of the best Australia beaches is located in New South Wales.

Hyams Beach runs along Jervis Bay, which is a beautiful location with a unique landscape. Forests are growing along the shores, standing tall on the cliffs. The sand is white and the water is crystal clear.

Visiting this beach is highly recommended if you want to explore the Pacific Ocean. Hyam’s bold shades of azure look stunning contrasting against the brightly colored skies. Try to visit this beach during sunrise or sunset to make the most of your views!

Whitehaven Beach

If you’re searching for beaches in Australia, Whitehaven should be at the top of your list.

Whitehaven Beach is located in Queensland. It’s 7km (just under 4.5 miles) and the beaches feel endless. The sand is white and shimmers in the sun with turquoise water all around.

The water is so clear at this beach that none of your swimming accessories will get lost. This is a perfect beach for families since the water is so shallow along the shore.

You must take a short boat ride to get to the island, otherwise, you can go kayaking. Make sure you pack plenty of sun protection gear since there is minimal shade.

Turquoise Bay

If you’re planning an Australian tourism trip near Exmouth, Turquoise Bay is a perfect spot.

This beach is part of the Ningaloo Marine Park, where you can swim, snorkel, and relax. There is plenty of vibrant corals and fish that wish to make each moment at this beach unforgettable. Not only will you see tropical fish, but also whale sharks, humpback whales, and manta rays.

Keep an eye on the shores, the turtles love you spend time on this beach since it is so close to the coral reef. You can enjoy your vacation beside exotic creatures and discover the animal diversity down under!

Lucky Bay

If you’re interested in learning more about Recherche Archipelago, you must visit Lucky Bay.

Lucky Bay is on the Cape Le Grand National Park coastline. You can go for a quick swim or hit the waves with your surfboard. This beach is a secret favorite among the locals, so you don’t have to worry about fighting someone for a shaded spot.

Couples and families can unwind and find privacy in Lucky. Bay. The contrasting landscape offers beautiful views and there are plenty of coves to explore along the coast.

Four Mile Beach

Another famous beach in Queensland is the Four Mile Beach, located along the northern coast.

This is a desirable beach and unlike many others in the country. At many Australian beaches, water and sand are the only things in sight. Four Mile Beach is packed with bright green plants, mountains, and housing.

If you don’t want to stray far from your hotel, this is the ideal location. This beach is adjacent to Port Douglas.

Although this isn’t a popular tourist destination, it can give you a unique perspective of Queensland.

Sugars Beach

With all the beaches in Australia, you might be wondering which are the best for honeymoons.

If you’re planning a couples only escape you need to reserve a spot near Sugars Beach. This pristine beach is located on Hindmarsh Island. If you’re traveling with the kids, there are plenty of family-friendly activities and the island is easy to get to.

While you’re visiting the beach, don’t be afraid to explore. There is washed-up driftwood, seaweed, and seashells along the shores. You can also challenge yourself with a hike in the dunes or climbing up the rocks.

Make sure you keep all alcohol and smoking outside of the beach property. There is no lifeguard on duty, so you don’t want to make any mistakes under the influence. Although there isn’t a guard, you can bring dogs year-round!

Sorrento Back Beach

While visiting Victoria, you don’t want to drive past Sorrento Back Beach.

This is a favorite beach for both locals and tourists. The beach is in a smaller bay, protecting swimmers from large waves and wildlife. If you’re looking for a family-friendly location, Sorrento Back Beach will have space on the shore.

Sorrento Back Beach is located within Mornington Peninsula National Park. You can visit the rockpools or go swimming and surfing. During the Easter and summer months, lifeguards are on duty, adding an extra layer of comfort for parents.

Since this is a much safer and more exciting beach to visit, don’t be surprised if the crowds are larger. Some nearby resorts and hotels draw in a lot of beachgoers.

Are You Ready for These Australia Beaches?

Following Australian tourism pamphlets can help you find hot spots, but there are many more beaches to discover.

Learning about the various Australia beaches can help you plan the perfect getaway. When you consider the location of the beach, you can plan other day trips and activities. Whether you’re traveling with family or your partner, you’ll find peace on the pristine beaches.

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