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Visit a Breathtaking Khao Lak Beach Resort

Relaxing at a Khao Lak Beach Resort

If you’re looking for a relaxing holiday on a tropical beach resort, there are few places that offer the beauty and experience offered at a Khao Lak Merlin Beach Resort. Situated on the west coast of Thailand, this beach resort lets visitors get right up close with nature. 

An Eco Resort Next to the Sea

Built to have as little impact on the environment as possible, sustainability was at the heart of its construction. So much so that during the construction phase, the resort made sure to preserve all the flora and fauna in its 30 rai land. It was discovered that during the construction, some of the trees on the land are over 100 years old. 

Khao Lak Merlin has partnered with Big Trees Project to train and help our staff preserve these natural touchstones to the Earth’s past. With their help, our staff has learned to use ropes and pulleys to inspect and maintain some of the tallest trees in our resort. 

The Big Tree Project teams have also helped us compile a database of the diverse trees on our resort. Through this database, it was calculated that the trees on our resort alone have stored over 76 tons of carbon over the years. 

Preserving the Wildlife

We have also focused our efforts on helping the local wildlife as well. Together with Love Wildlife, we have been able to give the local slow loris population a safe haven to thrive without the risk of being poached. Our Khao Lak beach resort have become the perfect habitat for these adorable creatures who bring great joy to us and our guests whenever anyone spots one in the trees above. Besides giving them a place to live, our staff also regularly ensure that they are doing well through the collection of data for the Love Wildlife team. 

Through our survey of the land on our resort, we have discovered over 150 species of animals live within the forests on our land. When you stay with us, you will have a chance to spot flying lizards, parrots, owls and many other interesting and exotic creatures that live in a tropical forest. 

Khao Lak Merlin Beach Resort

When you stay with us, you’ll be able to walk along the white sandy beaches that overlook the Andaman Sea. Experience an unforgettable sunset with obstructed views for as far as the eye can see. Take a walk along the shore and spot the rich marine life in the warm crystal clear waters. 

Our resort comes with a whole host of facilities to keep you entertained during your stay. There’s a large swimming pool overlooking the sea with many places to lounge in the sun. There’s also a range of spa treatments available for you to enjoy.

Come join us now and have the amazing vacation of a lifetime! 

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