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Why You Should Stay at One & Only, The Palm

Dubai is the epitome of luxurious, opulent, and expansive resorts. There are hundreds of 5-star residences with different designs and features. This variety allows visitors to choose from varying accommodation styles when they visit Dubai.

Among the city’s top tourist attractions is The Palm; a man-made archipelago in the shape of a palm tree which expands 5 kilometers in the Arabian Gulf.

The Palm is an iconic destination and the best place to live for anyone who loves waterfront homes. Some of Dubai’s best villas, restaurants and apartments are available at this posh location.

Numerous 5-star hotels are also scattered throughout this island, on its branches, Trunk and Fronds. One of those hotels is One & Only which is located at the Western tip of the man-made island.

This hotel exudes luxury and tranquility. But in order to convince the readers, we have listed the features that make One & Only so amazing.

What can you expect from the hotel’s decoration?

One & Only is completely secluded which guarantees peace and tranquility. From Jumeirah, it takes 40 minutes to reach this hotel but the distance is worth it. One & Only is an attractive accomplishment of modern Arabian architecture.

The hotel consists of a main building and a few beach houses. Each beach house expands to a huge area and this vastness is much appreciated.

The beach houses are given space by beautifully manicured gardens which are highlighted by the stunning backdrop of the nearby Marina skyscrapers. One of the distinct characteristics of One & Only is the glamorous Arabian patterns observed on the balconies, walls, and public parts of the hotel. These delicate designs offer a sense of extraordinariness and hint to the Oriental culture.

What are the hotel’s rooms like?

One & Only comprises 90 rooms and each room is uniquely styled and is extremely opulent. For the visitors, a quilted king size bed is offered. For bathing, a free-standing bathtub is provided which is completed with all pampering essentials such as Acqua di Parma facilities. Lastly, for relaxation, a 55 inches television and a soft seating area are given.

All visitors are given a Nespresso machine and a mini-bar which is always completely stocked. The Nespresso machine is added with the visitor’s favorite flavors.

When the visitors step outside of their room, they are embraced by a private balcony which offers pure and attractive views of Arabian  Gulf.

Alternatively, a furnished garden patio can also greet some other visitors. In the case of the Premium Suite, a private swimming pool is also offered.

What amenities are offered in One & Only, The Palm?

As soon as the visitors arrive at the hotel, they are given crystal tumblers having iced tea and frosted fragranced towels. These starter services set the stage of detailed and luxurious amenities.

An array of lanes, decks, and arched pavilions, accentuated with blooming terracotta pots, finally lead to a high-tech gymnasium. An adults only outdoor swimming pool is added by the gym.

A pedicure and manicure studio run by the celeb pedicurist Bastien Gonzalez and a lucrative Guerlain Spa are seen nearby. Afterwards, a quarter mile of private beach, and the resort surrounding the main swimming pool are found.

This is surrounded by lush and comfy recliners for two and rich palm trees. The room service is quick, professional and generous.

How is the eating experience?

At Zest Restaurant, breakfast is a great experience. Zest is the all-day dining restaurant at One & Only. Instead of offering all possible breakfast options, the restaurant instead concentrates on offering their guests incredibly high-quality food from their semi-a-la-carte menu.

Guests can start by ordering any freshly cooked eggs, pancakes, waffles, or porridge. This is paired with coffee or a fresh fruit smoothie according to the preferences. Afterwards, the guests are welcomed to the buffet where they can choose from a variety of Arabian dishes, fruits, cold cuts, and cheeses. This healthy menu guarantees a fresh and active start to the day.

Apart from Zest Restaurant, two more dining options are available. These are the upscale Michelin Star “Stay” by chef Yannick Alleno and 101 Lounge. Both of these exquisite restaurants provide an unrivaled dining experience along with stunning views of the Gulf.

The cuisine is exceptional which is expected from the 5-star resort. It’s menu is inspired by Paris. The caviar tart and sublime langoustine are the most popular dishes from Yannick Alleno’s portfolio.

How can you reach the One & Only hotel?

When you land at the Dubai International Airport, you can choose an Uber ride or a taxi to the Palm Jumeirah. After arriving at The Palm, it will take another 40 minutes to reach the 5-star resort, situated at the Western crescent of the artificial island.

However, after you have reached the hotel, you can enjoy the complimentary yacht service that can take you back to Marina in 10 minutes. This means you won’t have to schedule a cab to go to The Palm. This is a great way to arrive onshore for your evening!

Is One & Only, The Palm worth the money?

As you can expect from the luxurious amenities offered, One & Only is anything but cheap. When the season is low, the double rooms have a starting price of AED 2,900 ($790) and when it is high season, the starting price of double rooms is AED 7,000 ($1,905). This room rate consists of only breakfast. As for the food served at each of the hotel’s restaurants, it is unbelievably expensive.

Therefore, it is crucial to align your budget with the hotel’s costs. Even if your budget might set back with a short stay at One & Only, it is nevertheless a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Moreover, you will not be disappointed with the high standards, quality, services and amenities of the 5-star hotel. If you ever do a planning of visiting The Palm, you should definitely pay a short visit to One & Only. The experience is unlike anything in the world.

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