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What are some common causes of truck accident?

In the case of truck accidents in the United States, many drivers blame the motorist for causing the accident. However, most truck accident attorney know that it is the trucking company to blame when the case is reviewed. Many trucking companies have either mileage incentives or driver requirements, which may lead to excessive time on the road without a proper amount of rest. Some trucking companies put a ridiculous amount of pressure on truck drivers to ensure certain delivery times are met. This means that the drivers will need to drive as fast as they can to confirm arrival, leading to accidents involving other trucks, bicycles, motorcycles, cars, or potentially pedestrians.

Common causes of truck accidents

Distracted Drivers

So, what are the most common causes of truck accidents? First and foremost, drivers who are sleepy, fatigued, tired, or driving too many hours without rest are at serious accidents. Another issue that is not seen often but should be mentioned is when truck drivers get behind the wheel under alcohol or drugs. Another would be when a driver is distracted from something like texting that might have the truck run off the road.


If the truck itself is overloaded, it may make it very difficult to maneuver properly as an 18 wheeler truck is challenging to maneuver anyways. If the truck has unsafe safety systems, lights, reflectors, or other warning devices, it may lead to a dangerous driving environment. If a truck driver failed to yield the right way to traffic, that could lead to an accident.

Irregular maintenance

Truck drivers have to regularly go through training to maintain their license and make sure their skills are up to date. If they fall behind, there is potential for an accident. Regularly checking on the status of the breaks, the inflation of the tires, and ensuring the adequacy of the brake lines and other checkpoints to make sure an unsafe driving condition does not exist.

Blind spot

As mentioned, if a truck driver has a challenging deadline to meet, they may drive recklessly to complete it. If the truck driver is also in conditions of reduced visibility in the rain, snow, fog, or potentially smoke, it may be double the unsafe driving conditions. Additional issues that are seen include a truck driver making a complete turn unsafely or missing traffic due to a blind spot.

Over Speeding

Once again, if a truck driver is Over speeding to make a deadline for receiving a bonus, that can lead to poor decision-making and an accident on the road. It’s no secret driving a truck is a big responsibility. You’re talking about a machine that weighs a few tons with 18 wheels and can completely obliterate a small vehicle. Making sure that the driver is safe instead of merely trying to make a deadline is of utmost priority and keeps safety first and foremost.

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