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Elegant Indian Bridal Wedding Lehenga that You’ll Love

Pink city Jaipur has the top-rated Vasansi store which has a blend of multiple vivid outfits for all its demanding customers. The finest shimmering bridal lehenga collection of this store gives a completely glossy look and can make the D-day more fascinating for any female.

Vasansi Jaipur is such an attractive hub where no female can resist the desire of having the most beautiful designer lehengas that have a high fashion quotient. We can see diversity and versatility in these magnificent Indian ethnic wear and alluring outfits. The dresses are very bright and colorful. Bridal Wedding lehengas here have a trendy touch and can completely be a big hit for the special day.

Vasansi Lehengas are ultrabright and are made with skin-friendly dyes and colors. The collection at Vasansi is made up of organic fabrics and is much lightweight. Bridal collection is much detailed, edgy, refined, and possesses a classy resemblance of tradition.

 Bridal Wedding Lehenga Collection of Vasansi has sparkling outfits that are pretty eye-catching, eloquent, pretty, and are full of vibrant elegant shades. This store consists of the gorgeous traditional ethnic collection. Also, it has a sparky vibrant color palette. The lightweight lehengas are very easy to carry.

Check-out below our Elegant Indian Bridal Dresses that you’ll surely love to carry on your special day!

Yellow Silk Pearl Brush Lehenga Set

Indian Bridal Wedding Lehenga

Dazzling Glistering Party-Wear Bridal Wedding Lehenga Set by Vasansi Jaipur!

Super light-weight Yellow Silk Pearl Brush Wedding Lehenga Set is purposely designed for the hot summer look.

A dazzling vibrant yellow color lehenga is beyond perfect and any female can admire herself more by having it on her body on the special D-day of her life.

This yellow lehenga has some intricate prints which give a sparkling look to this bridal lehenga online. The outfits reflect an extra unique charm.

According to the Indian culture the color yellow is considered much pious. For the proper “Haldi-Rasam” this outfit can prove to be the best attire ever. You can purchase this dazzling trendy lehenga @Rs 26,500.

Blue Printed Silk Lehenga Set

Indian Bridal Wedding Lehenga

Elegant and super  Light-Weight Party-Wear Blue Bridal Wedding Lehenga Set by Vasansi Jaipur!

The Blueprinted and super easy to carry Bridal Wedding Lehenga Set can be the most pretty and amazing attire which a girl can have on the most important day of her life. In this outfit, any female can look like an elegant gorgeous bride. This designer bridal collection from the exclusive Vasansi store can be the perfect fit for your dream wedding day.

You can simply have the Vasansi summer look with the right nude-color accessory that looks completely stylish and can just give you the appropriate party wear look.

This peacock shade Indian wedding dress can go well for the  “Reception” function. In this, any bride can outshine having her brilliant enchanting smile. This Vasansi outfit can be the right choice for the girls who have the plus-size or with the slim trim figure.

This summer outfit can be the right attire to provide you the mesmerizing party look. A female can perfectly adorn and admire the captivating look of this dress at her wedding day@ Rs. 26,500.00. 

Multi-color Printed Silk Lehenga Set

Indian Bridal Wedding Lehenga

Shiny Winking Exclusive Party-Wear Bridal Trendy Wedding Lehenga Set by Vasansi Jaipur!

This elegant and extremely colorful  Vasansi Multicolored  Lehenga is purposely designed to give you the rich “Sangeet-Party-Look”.

This dazzling Bridal Wedding Lehenga can provide a perfect grunge look to you so that you can admire yourself at your special D-day.

The colorful outfits are designed by Vasansi to depict the beauty of the Indian fashion.

One must definitely wear the flaring attire in order to look completely traditional with an awesome bridal look.

This pretty Lehenga Set is damn light in weight and can be carried easily on any of the wedding rituals.

One can purchase the glistening Vasansi ethnic dress @ Rs 28,500.00/-.     

Pink Printed Silk Lehenga Set

Indian Bridal Wedding Lehenga

Sizzling and Pink printed  Designer Party-Wear Bridal Wedding Lehenga Set by Vasansi Jaipur!

The bright and glinting girly pink Lehenga is the appropriate dress for the bride who aspire to wear the girly shades on her wedding day.

This pink silk textured lehenga looks gleaming and stylish. This polished outfit can be the right choice for the awesome  Wedding Reception Party. The dress looks shimmering and also gives the look like the Indo-western outfits. These dresses reflect the sizzling look.

Any girl can look extremely gorgeous in this beautiful outfit. The dresses are mainly designed with special organic fabrics that enhance the summer look.

If you aspire to shine like a Diva with the Vasansi’s super collection then you can purchase the glistering ethnic wear of the Vasansi. One can purchase the super gorgeous lehenga @

 Rs 15,500.00/-.

Off White, Pearl Brush Printed Lehenga Set

Indian Bridal Wedding Lehenga

Gleaming and twinkling Party-Wear gorgeous Bridal Wedding Lehenga Set by Vasansi Jaipur!

We can say that this outfit is designed specifically for the summer look. This off white dress looks sober yet classy enough.

Vasansi Jaipur offers this special trendy collection for females who love sober charming dresses.

It is a must-buy lehenga that looks completely elegant on any female and make her D-day more awesome with the scintillating off white pearl shade.

Females can adorn themselves in these exclusive Vasansi Bridal Wedding Lehenga. As they are quite easy to carry and give the right comfort to the wearer.

This off white pearl brush lehenga can provide you with the right stunning look for your

 “Sangeet-Party”! You can become the glittering star by having this mesmerizing dazzling attire on your special wedding day functions.

This outfit can provide you a full-flared look and you can enhance your beauty more appropriately after wearing this extremely gorgeous dress.

You can simply give the right intense appeal to yourself on the special D-day of yours. The cost of this captivating lehenga is just @Rs 26,500.

Hand-Crafted Gotta-Patti Silk Lehenga Set

Gleaming and twinkling Gotta Patti Party-Wear Bridal Wedding Lehenga Set by Vasansi Jaipur!

This purposely designed dress can fit the best for the summer season. Vasansi Jaipur provides the right outfits for the special auspicious occasion of the wedding.

This elegant lehenga can give you immense joy after wearing it. In any of the wedding rituals, any female can adorn herself in this exclusive Vasansi Bridal Wedding Lehenga.

You can simply rock your  “Sangeet-Party” after wearing this glistering traditional dress and can shine like the sun in your wedding ceremony.

You can give yourself a perfect bridal trendy touch in just Rs 17,500/-.

Blue Crystal Lehenga Set

Gleaming and twinkling outstanding  Party-Wear Bridal Wedding Lehenga Set designed by Vasansi Jaipur!

This blue crystal lehenga set is designed to provide you with the rich enhanced bridal look in this hot summer season.

In this Ultra-bright royal blue attire, any bride can look like a queen. For the special D-day, this is a must purchase as it possesses the scintillant blue shade.

Females can deeply adorn themselves in this exclusive  Vasansi Bridal Wedding Lehenga.

This lehenga can give you the right perfect look for the nice “Sangeet-Party”! You can become the glistering star if you pick this mesmerizing dress to outshine in the wedding ceremonies.

You can give yourself a trendy and catchy look in just @Rs. 31,160/-.


You can simply drape any color in order to look elegant with an enchanting smile on your face. You can look like a perfect beauty queen on the special D-day of yours. Just purchase the best glistering and vibrant Vasansi Lehenga Set for all your special wedding functions and the important rituals.

You can have a try on the latest trendy bridal collection at the prices which are the most reasonable and satisfying enough. You can actually shine amazingly on your special D-day.You can simply capture the #wedding_Diaries_Memories after wearing the super eye-catching Vasansi outfits. In this way, you can embrace your look too.

You can get the desired Bridal Lehenga Collection by simply booking the Video Appointment. To attain the perfect wedding look just go and grab the special Vasansi bridal collection of traditional wedding attire quickly.

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