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Tips to Select the Perfect Wedding Jewelry

Are you looking for the best wedding jewelry to use? It’s not just picking up a particular jewelry set for your wedding. A lot of factors go into this including your hairstyle, dress style, neckline, wedding theme, colors, etc.

Do you want to know what it entails? Read this article to find out.

●    Speak With an Expert

For a big ceremony like a wedding, it’s important to get a professional to speak to. The little discussion you have with the expert will give you direction on the set of jewelry to buy for your wedding.

A lot of things to put into consideration like a wedding dress, the color, and the style in view. All these will contribute to your type of jewelry. Ensure you discuss these with your professional jeweler as well. This way, they’ll be able to give the best advice on this.

●    Work With Your Styles

After speaking with the jeweler, the next step is to work with something that you’re comfortable with. As the bride or groom, you want to ensure there’s maximum ease with whatever you’ll be putting on for your wedding. So, remember to tell your jeweler about your choice of jewelry.

In working with your style, you can also remove the jewelry type you don’t want. For example, even though there’s been an earring trend for men in recent times, you don’t have to wear one. Also, your partner may not appreciate wearing necklaces, it’s also better to remove this from the list.

Just select what you think will be best for you. It’s all about you and no one else, remember.

●    Your Dress Neckline

The neckline of your wedding dress matters a lot. This more than anything determines the type of necklace you’ll wear and sometimes may decide the type of earrings too.

For instance, choose a choker or pendant for your v-necked dress. Your earrings should be small-sized and stunning. With this, your jewelry pieces will stand matching your dress and complete outfit.

Another tip is to consider the dress style. If your gown is simple, you should wear a jewelry piece that is quite bold to enhance the look.

●    Limit the Jewelry

Another thing you want to do is to limit the number of jewelry you’ll be wearing. Fewer blings may look too simple, but they’ll give a unique look. So, limit the jewelry sets you’ll be combining especially when your dress is simple.

Your jewelry is there to enhance your look not to overshadow it and spoil the look. So, guide against this by limiting the types of jewelry you’ll be wearing.

●    Select Something That Will Be Useful Later

A mistake many couples make is buying expensive jewelry that won’t be useful after the ceremony. These eventually add to the list of items they need to declutter in their home. To avoid this, ensure the type of jewelry you’ll be buying is something you’ll love to wear after the wedding.

The same applies to the choice of reception dress and other outfits that will be used for the wedding. It’s better to select convertible styles; that is, styles you can convert to dinner dresses or everyday cloth after the wedding. This way, you’ll be saving against wasting resources and clothes.

●    Match Your Jewelry

As you’re trying to ensure the jewelry suits your dress type, it’s also important to match the metals. Well, this doesn’t imply that all the jewelry has to be from the same brand, jeweler, or shape, but the metals should agree. 

For example, if your wedding band is made from titanium metal, then you want to ensure other jewelry is made from this same metal. If you’re finding it difficult to get the exact jewelry from the same metal due to budget restrictions, you should change your wedding band metal to something more common.

So, either gold, white, or silver, your jewelry will sit well with others without some contradictions and you will be looking your best on your wedding day.

●    Keep Your Hairstyle in Mind

Moving on, you want to ensure your wedding hairstyle isn’t affecting your jewelry. Your choice of hairstyle also to a great extent determines the accessories you’ll be using and their patterns as well.

If you’ll be wearing your hair in a bun style, then you may go with some dramatic earrings and a necklace because there’s room to see it. However, if your hair will be styled in a downward pattern, then you want to make your jewelry as small as possible.

●    Consider Your Wedding Theme

Another important factor to consider is your wedding theme. You need to work with something that depicts the style you’ve chosen for the ceremony. This will therefore complement your look perfectly and align with your visitors’ choice of dressing.

●    Wedding Colors

What are your wedding colors? This should also be in your mind when choosing your jewelry for your wedding.

Some jewelry has stones in different colors and may not be the right fit for you. For example, using an earring or necklace with a yellow-colored stone for a blue-themed wedding may not go well except if there are elements of the former in your decor.

So, ensure you check the details of the jewelry you’re buying before making the final decision.

●    Budget

What’s your budget for the jewelry? As you’re planning your wedding budget, you need to estimate the jewelry to be used.

With this estimate, you’ll be able to work with the amount you have and avoid overspending. It also helps you stay organized during the wedding planning.

Well, for your wedding, you can decide to go overboard if the money is available, but if you’re trying to cut costs, make a budget. Not to worry, you’ll still get nice and stunning jewelry regardless of your budget.

●    Maintenance and Polishing

When selecting your wedding jewelry, you should have an understanding of how to maintain them. Before shopping, take some time to read information about how to care for each metal. Also, learn about their rigidity and durability. It’s very important to know, especially if you’ll be spending a lot on them.

Some metals can’t withstand exposure to extreme conditions, including water. If you’ll be going for any of these, then you have to be conscious every time you’re engaging in an activity that may adversely affect your jewelry when worn, especially wedding bands.

Still talking about wedding bands, you want to pay attention to this to avoid removing them constantly as they may become loose and fall off.

●    Buy From a Trusted Jeweler

Where are you buying from? What type of purchase will you be making? Online or offline? These are very important questions to answer because your choice of jeweler determines a lot about your jewelry’s durability.

If you’ll be opting for the less stressful option which is buying online, then you need to perform the basic background checks before payment. 

If you’ll be doing your buying in a physical store, ensure you check thoroughly for any faults before paying. Also, ask about their return policies in case a problem is noticed before the wedding day.

Check online reviews, and ask your friends around for their experiences with the stores. These tips will help you buy from the best jeweler around.


Here you go… You already have some useful tips at your fingertips from this article. If you’re all confused about where to start, refer back to the first tip in this article – ask an expert. From there, you’ll have the best direction to follow.

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