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Method: lie down on the belly. Touch legs, ankles and paws together and stick with the ground completely. Let’s the body part from feet’s to navel should touches the ground. Put the hand on the ground in front of the shoulder. Both arms should not be behind the shoulder. Tilt the upper part of the navel upwards by hand, as much as possible. The upper part of the waist will look like a cobra snake.


  1. Hernia’s patient should not do this posture.
  2. Pregnant women should not practice this asana.
  3. This posture is beneficial for the men and women of each age group.

Benefit: –

  1. This posture makes parts of the upper body like neck, shoulder, chest, make the head more functional.
  2. Make the waist and spine flexible & widens the chest. the whole body becomes beautiful and glowing.
  3. Removes obesity.
  4. Strengthens blood circulation.
  5. Many diseases of the stomach such as constipation, subcutaneous, and air disorders are removed, hunger increases.
  6. By practicing this posture, the person becomes fearless, courageous and brave.
  7. Communicates strength and energy in the body.
  8. It increases the power of senses organs by this posture.
  9. This posture removes dream defects.
  10. It removes liver related diseases.
  11. Strengthens the genitals and uterus of women.
  12. Many types of gynaecological diseases such as pneumonia, menstrual work or more are removed.
  13. This asana increases the beauty of women.

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