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Corpse Pose(Savasana)- Relax Your Mind & Body

Steps To do Corpse Pose or Savasana

Method 1: –

Lay a soft blanket.

Lie down on the back

Put hands on both sides of the ground.

Spread the legs completely.

Mix the ankles together but the claws remain open.

Close your eyes and breathe slowly. Leave all muscles, nerves, body parts etc. loose. Begin this process with toe and then bring it to the shin. All parts of the body will feel relaxed.

Method 2: –

Lie down on the ground in the left chest. Place your left hand under the left cheek and right hand on the thigh. Keep left leg straight. Put the right leg over it. Put the right foot behind the left foot. Then leave your body loose.

Method: 3 –

Repeat the action by taking the right turn.

Note – It can be done at the end of all exercises or at the end of the Yoga poses.

Benefits from Savasana or corpse pose: –

By practicing this asana

  1. All the muscles, nerves and body parts of the body get complete relaxation and the exhaustion that comes with more work, sports, travel, yoga, or any other reason is removed soon.
  2. Refreshments in the heart and brain.
  3. Corpse pose remove mental stress and high blood pressure.
  4. Corpse pose or savasana is beneficial in removing sleeplessness.
  5. Feeling calm in stages of anxiety, fear and grief.

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