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Method: Stand upright on the ground. Wrap the thighs and wrists from the left foot to the right. Wrap the hands in such a way that the entire arm should be bonded like a rope.


Slowly bow down. The wrapped hand will appear to be like the eagle’s beak in front of the chest. Then change the feet and do this action.

Benefit: –

  1. The spine becomes flexible and the waist gets thin by the practice of this posture.
  2. Legs, knee and thighs get excessive force. The muscles of the arm and legs and the nerves are cured.
  3. Removes fatigue after walking.
  4. Anal and urinary disorders are cured by the practice of this posture.
  5. Corrected scrotum and hernia fixes.
  6. Removes the pain of arthritis, waist pain, knee and joint.
  7. Vibrations or pain of the entire arm is removed.
  8. The body’s immune system increases with the practice of this posture.
  9. If a person remembers his favoured god by closing his eyes in this posture, then his attention is concentrated.

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