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Understanding the Legal Landscape of Online Betting in Nepal

Gambling has grown to become quite common all over the world. However, even though more and more countries are opening their doors to it, not all are willing or ready to make gambling something legal in their country. It is the government body of a country that determines whether an act such as gambling should be legal or not.

Gambling is heavily prohibited in Nepal, apart from government-run lotteries. The rules guiding against it are so strict that people who are caught gambling will pay a fine and potentially go to jail.

Moreover, citizens of Nepal can still access online gambling establishments. Several online casinos even offer players mouth-watering bonuses and promotions. For example, offers its players bonuses and promotions that many gamblers will find appealing.

However, note that gambling of any such in Nepal is a risk and you may still be faced with charges. This article will discuss the gambling laws in Nepal and see if it is still possible to bet without repercussions.

Breakdown of the law guiding Nepal online betting


According to Clause 125 of the Criminal Code, 2074, Nepal strictly prohibits any form of gambling. First-time offenders who are found guilty may be sentenced to jail for up to three months, and pay a huge fine of Rs 30,000. Offenders who already have a record in the past may be looking at up to a year-long jail sentence and a fine of Rs 50,000.

However, authorities have admitted that it is difficult to control physical gambling, and controlling online gambling is virtually impossible. As a result of the absence of necessary resources and effective policies, the government is unable to stop online gambling.

What to know about betting in Nepal

  • It is illegal for Nepalese citizens to engage in any form of gambling
  • The first land-based casino was launched in 1968
  • Most casinos still have huge debts to the state from unpaid taxes
  • The only gambling acts go as far back as 1963
  • Online betting in Nepal has no legal framework
  • There is no designated gambling authority

Having these in mind will help you understand how serious the laws against betting are in Nepal.

Ways to bet in Nepal

Even though betting in Nepal is illegal, its citizens have found a way around it by playing in foreign online casinos. While no licensed online gambling companies are operating from the country, Nepalese can register in foreign gambling sites. The safest way to bet in Nepal is on a foreign online operator.

One of the most popular and trustworthy online betting sites for Nepalese bettors is 1xBet. This betting site allows its players to cash in on some sweet bonuses. Some players in the country also adopted various foreign e-wallets and payment processors for easier and more secure transactions with foreign betting sites. Others resorted to cryptocurrency since it is nearly impossible to trace its transactions.    

The Future of online betting in Nepal

While gambling of any sort is prohibited in Nepal for locals, it is still a gambling heaven for tourists. Since there is no solid legal approach against online betting, it leaves room for hope that at some point, online gambling will be allowed.

However, the Nepalese government is still very firm on its laws against betting and continues to show reluctance. Their focus is currently on revamping the economy, and it is currently not in their plans to do so by creating a legal framework around the online gambling sector.       

Need for Online Betting Regulation

The Nepal authorities can do better by providing and putting gambling regulatory measures in place. This will help provide legal clarity to operators as well as protect people from the potential harms of unregulated gambling. The legal status of online betting in the country is still unclear.

It is important that the government addresses the issue and establishes a solid framework for online gambling. This will allow Nepal to harness the potential benefits of online gambling while safeguarding the Her citizen’s interests. 


The simple answer to the question of whether betting is allowed in Nepal is no. Nepal is a South Asian country, known to be generally poor, and trying to maintain steady friendly relations with neighboring countries like China and India. Gambling has been pronounced illegal in Nepal since 1963. However, citizens still register with online foreign casinos to bet using foreign e-wallets.

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