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Top 11 Brands of Electrical Switches in India

An electrical switch is a tiny item not worthy of much attention? If that is the way you feel, think twice. This tiny bit of a thing controls the flow of electricity in your home, a business workplace or a tall towering mall.

Electric switches interrupt the flow of electrons within a power circuit. Switches are mostly controlled manually and act as a binary substance within a circuit. Nowadays switches are also automatically controlled.  

Following is the list of the top 11 Electrical Switches Brands in India which will help you to    plan the wiring and décor of your place.

 1. Orpat  

Orpat’s ranges of switches are manufactured in polycarbonate and are ISO certified.  Categorized in the silver series and copper series the Orpat products are developed and targeted to meet the requirements of mass market consumers. The switches in both the ranges come in different varieties. The Orpat group has identified a niche segment of Modular Switches and is expanding its reach through its manufacture of electrical switches in the Silver Series and Copper Series Modular Switches. Consumers can also try out the Remote Control Switches that Orpat has introduced. It is a feather touch mechanism with a sleek remote at your fingertips.

2. Polycab

Polycab is one of those companies that take engineering to the level of art. They design their switches so intricately that they almost seem like a piece of artwork.  Available in exquisite shades and textures Polycab Cleta is the range of non modular switches they manufacture. These one way switches and comb switches come in shades like glossy white, matte glass, glowing LED and are not only beautiful but are also durable, silent and trouble free. These switches which will provide glamour to your walls are made from Fire resistant, UV stabilized, virgin polycarbonate. They also come with highly efficient bimetal contacts with silver tips and have a powerful Double Rocker Mechanism which gives them long term durability.

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3. Siemens

If you a perfectionist then you could not choose better than Siemens. There is a huge variety on offer. Their “Delta” product line comes with dimmer control, temperature sensors, printable frames, SCHUKO outlets and numerous colours like titanium white, aluminium metallic and carbon metallic. The product called “Line” is perfect in proportions with an elegant design while the Miro is designed beautifully to enhance the beauty of your home. They are available in different variations like glass, colour, wood or aluminium. The “Style” switches are not only aesthetically designed but also have a high level of functionality. They are extremely suitable for your home as well as any commercial building.

4. Finolex

The journey from being the leading cable manufacturer to launching its range of electrical switches called “Fino Switch” is a journey full of hard work and determination. Fino Switch has two categories, namely, premium and classic. The switches are made in polycarbonate and have silver cadmium oxide coated contact points, screws and terminals. They are launched in the market after 100,000 click tests. What’s more, they come with a unique fluorescent strip that glows in dark so you don’t need to grope around in the dark. The company is planning to add Premium+ switch with traditional design to their range on consumer demand.

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5. Larsen & Toubro (L & T)

The uppermost thought in our minds as house owners is safety. If you want switchgear that will cater to this need your answer is L&T. Their range of products contains a number of other things besides switches and each one satisfies the varied needs of the consumer. Their global presence ensures the customer of their quality. Their switches majorly come from a range called ORIS and have an appealing design and technology edge. They have a rib-less   design and a fire resistant poly carbonate body. The range offers a blend of functionality aesthetics and reliability.

6. Schneider Electric

Electrical switches in your home and office have moved ahead beyond functionality. It has today become a part of the interior décor. Schneider Electrical switches help you to decorate your home. They have a huge range of switches like Livia, ULTI, Neo, Opale and EPIC. Opale switches which are in great demand are satin finish switches for domestic installation. The Zencelo range of switches is aesthetically designed flat switches. They will appeal to you if you love simplicity. As far as durability and safety are concerned you can depend on Schneider. 

7. Anchor

Anchor has been serving the electrical requirements of the nation for over fifty years and their biggest asset is their trust and reliability. They have now merged with the Japan giant Panasonic, and offer safe, eco-friendly and durable products. Anchor products include a variety of luxury, modular and non-modular switches. ROMA is their specialityrange which can be used for residential, commercial and hospitality purposes. WOODSis apremium   range with a sleek and elegant design and a smooth gloss finish.PENTAswitches and accessories come in glossy white and are easy to fit. RIDERswitches also have asleek and slim look.  All Anchor products adhere to BIS requirements.

8. Wipro

Wipro has its roots in India and their Green electrical and lighting solutions are encouraged by their customer satisfaction. Wipro’s electrical switches come in the following ranges – Platia which fits in with your beautiful interior with its super slim and flat look. Stylus+ is the ideal protective spark shield with dual filament mechanism. The Convex switches are the perfect blend of classic and collar designs along with modern technology. Nowa is their contemporary range keeping you in mind. It provides extra value to the users with its compact and slim look while Venia has a sleek design and a premium finish yet is affordable.   Each Wipro switch has a protective spark cover for safety and a silver coating for better conductivity. They also have radium glowers for easy location at night.

9. Vihan

One of the latest manufacturers of electrical accessories, Vihan has made its presence felt throughout India. Vihan switches have made a great impression on consumers with their   striking design and innovative technology.  All their products come in numerous colours and textures. Vihan makes switches ranging from vintage designs to cult edge motives to suit every kind of user need.  Their Fullon designer switches come with a smart look and are sturdy and durable. It perfectly suits a lavish home. Every switch they manufacture is brilliant in design and performance. Besides Fullon they have other ranges too which can help you decorate your home with class and sophistication. 

10. Havells

Since the time Havells entered the market it has made a mark not only in India but several other nations. Their switches are a combination of finest technology and artistic charm. One can choose from the Oro Metallica or Modular lines and also go for the Coral Modular. Their variety of flat designs in chocolate-charcoal shades with a glossy finish adds class to the walls of your home. Crabtree is their retrofit range which is the first of its kind of modular switches with a glass finish which can completely change the look of your home.

11. Legrand

Legrand is unbeatable in electrical and lighting solutions. It provides a complete switch solution to one’s home as well as to commercial and hospitality areas.  The type of switches they offer come in various options like Push, Touch, Soft Tap, Whisper and several others. Their Axolute switches will give your interior a touch of class with their sophisticated look while Myrius with its high end technology yet easy to use attracts all buyers.

Such a wide range of electrical switches available in the market could make it difficult for a consumer to choose. This article with the list of top manufacturers of electrical switches in India may help consumers to easily make their choice by comparing the features of the   brands.

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