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Walking can Reduce Your depression

In the era of urbanization, there has been a development of man and his life whether or not this is the latter thing. but it is of course that because of this people bounds with stress and depression. Most people living in cities suffer from depression and stress. To protect themselves from this, someone is going in late parties or some one taking the help of a counselor. Some people are consuming alcohol or medicines. While its treatment is hidden in your walking.

Go daily
Walking is healthier anyway and walking also makes human being fit. But do you know that the walking keeps the person happy? Yes, few people know that the secret to be happy in walking is hidden. Recently there has been a research which points to this.

Results of this research
It has been confirmed in the research that compared to those who sit in the house, people living around the world are more happy. Walking can be of any way. Whether man walks quickly or slowly, it is beneficial in every way.

This research has been done through an app. For this research, an app was inserted in the mobiles of the people, so that the researchers continued to note down the movement of people. Through this app researchers and people also came to know about how much runs and how happy it is in the day. This app recorded activity of more than 10 thousand people for 17 consecutive days.

The result of the research was confirmed that those who walk for 17 days to be more happy. According to the results of the research, they were as active as they were physically active, they were also mentally active. At the same time, those who walk less, they were found less happy and less satisfied.

Now you can start to walk with the example of research to be happy, so that you will not get the work tension also.

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