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Why is it beneficial to Buy a Home near Pune-Mumbai Highway?

Both Mumbai and Pune are hotspots migration thanks to the great educational and job opportunities. Being a metropolitan Mumbai has a great reputation but it is also expensive when you consider the entire cost of living. This is the opposite when it comes to Tier-2 city such as Pune which is up-and-coming, has many facilities and one can easily find a 1 bhk flat in Pune that fits the budget! 

One of the best options for new property buyers is the opportunity for the Pune-Mumbai highway flats. Don’t be shocked by this suggestion, as I speak from the experience that I had a year ago when I was house hunting. In this blog, I am going to highlight the reasons why buying a flat near Pune-Mumbai highway can be beneficial for you!

Why Buy Flat in Pune near Pune-Mumbai Highway?

Spacious Complexes 

When you are looking to buy any property, one of the most important factors is how spacious it should be. The main reason why I decided to Buy flat in Pune near express way is that I managed to buy a huge flat for the same amount that I would have paid for a smaller flat in the heart of the city. As the population of Pune increases, more and more residential complexes will shrink but that won’t be the case for you if you buy wisely as I did!

Less Traffic 

If you want to live in a locality in Pune that is peaceful and traffic less, then you will have a hard time finding it. But, if this is a top priority then I must say that you should opt for a flat in Pune near Pune-Mumbai Highway. Not only do you not have to worry about intercity traffic and constant roadblocks, but you will also have the luxury of living in a spacious society. 

Great Investment

This is a fact that flats in Pune near Pune-Mumbai Highway are much cheaper than those in the heart of the city or other parts of Pune. One of the reasons for this is that the locality is under the radar and not many people have realized the benefits yet. On average when you decide to Buy flat in Pune near express way you save at least 20% as opposed to buying a flat in the city.

The above mentioned are my top 3 reasons and I’m sure there are many more benefits that buying a flat on the Pune-Mumbai expressway can have that will help you make the best decision.

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