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Among the US-based kids, iOS devices are on hype. Be it an iPhone, iPod or iPad, every kid demands it. If you too have given your kid an iOS device, you must make it secure for them. And what is the best way of making a device kid-friendly? Well, it certainly is the use of parental control app. Now, you must be wondering about the best parental control app for the iPhone. In today’s article, we’ll tell you about the best app that you can install on your kids’ iOS-based devices. Keep reading!

Best Parental Control App for iPhone

Among so many options available in the market, one app that has proved itself best is the FamilyTime parental app for iphone. The app is a combination of many parental controls with the monitoring features which make this app a complete parental solution. Whether you are worried about your kids’ browsing inappropriate content or about them getting in contact with stranger danger, FamilyTime is a solution for you. It works in every aspect a parent can think of.  That’s just an overview. To know what exactly makes FamilyTime app the best, have a look at its feature list.

Features of FamilyTime app

Monitor Contacts List and Text Message:

This app allows you to restrict which numbers the mobile phone can be used to call or text. In case someone is harassing your kid, you can simply put that phone number in the Watchlist, the app sends you notification alerts when the communication happens with that contact. Parents can track sent or received text messages as well.

Monitor Digital Media:

With this feature, you can monitor whether or not your teen is exploring inappropriate websites, adult movies or TV shows on their mobile device. By staying updated with their activities, you can allow only the stuff you feel is right for your child to be viewed on the device.

Set Time Restrictions:

We all want our kids to be studying instead of playing games on their mobile device, make a schedule for their homework as well as their screen time. Use this feature to put time restrictions that prevent games and apps from being used during those specific times. This feature also allows you to lock the entire phone in that restricted time period.

App Blocking and Disabling

Through this feature, you can block certain apps from being installed on your kid’s device. You can also monitor the amount of time your child spends on a specific app. With this feature, you can get the list of the apps installed on your child’s phone as well.

Activate Parental Controls Anywhere:

You can operate the FamilyTime Parental Control App from anywhere. The parent Dashboard is accessible through the FamilyTime parental app as well as on the web-based account. The app allows you to always know what your kids are doing on their phones.

And much more. There is a long list of features offered by FamilyTime app. All these features are related to monitoring and parental control. To explore the app yourself, give it a free try. You can get the trial version of the app from the app store on your phone. So visit the app store now.

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