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Air conditioner (AC) is one of the most essential necessities of human beings in the present date. India by and large being a hot and moist place is unquestionably requesting that its occupants get their AC’s to ward off the warmth. Presently purchasing an Air conditioner is an exceptionally dubious work for sure and requires heaps of research work. if you are also looking forward to buy an air conditioner then you must browse the list of these Best AC brands in India discussed below:

1. Hitachi Air Conditioner (Split Ac / Window AC)

Hitachi Ac Brands In India

Hitachi is an extraordinary brand as compared to any other reputed AC model or AC brand in India. Its a Japanese brand. Hitachi is no doubt one of the premium Air Conditioning brands in the Asian Market. Its demand as well as the popularity among people has given it the top-notch position in the Indian markets when it comes to the best AC’s. The greater part of the Air conditioners propelled by Hitachi are of moderate value go. What’s more, they never undermine with their quality. Hitachi’s inverter ACs tends to consume very less power.

2. Voltas Air Conditioner (Split Ac / Window AC)

Voltas Ac Brands In India

Voltas is one among the most essential brands in AC making and selling in India. It has a tremendous client base and quality items that it offers. The organization to date is high in notoriety and makes one of the best air cooling frameworks that too in an entirely moderate range for all. They give a decent assistance and service after-deals and a guarantee period that is very surprising. This Voltas Split AC accompanies highlights like Turbo Mode, Sleep Mode, and Anti-Dust channel to give a superior cooling experience. This AC accompanies copper loops consequently making it progressively tough and conveys proficient cooling.

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3. O General Air Conditioner (Split Ac / Window AC)

O General Ac Brands In India

O General air conditioner is among the popular list of best AC brands in the present-day Indian market. They offer optimum consumer satisfaction and outstanding performance. O general AC’s are energy-efficient, environment-friendly, and give instant cooling operations. They are the best buy in the tropical region. They come with a built-in heater functionality which reverses the air-con cycle.

4. LG Air Conditioner (Split Ac / Window AC)

LG Ac Brands In India

LG (Life Good) brand is the best brand in electronic market. The ultimate clients are whine about climate control system gave by LG and it looks they are losing ground on it. Be that as it may, many are totally fulfill in any event. Even the price and specifications are quite outstanding. A larger portion of normal earning can afford this brand. In any case, we ought not to overlook that LG give substantially more highlights than a significant number of other in our rundown. With this move, inverter innovation will get reasonable for shoppers who are hoping to move up to vitality productive climate control systems.

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5. Carrier Air Conditioner (Split Ac / Window AC)

Carrier Ac Brands In India

Carrier is the Brand Name that isn’t a lot of mainstream yet as a general rule, it is one of the Key Global Leaders in the Indian Market. The vast majority don’t have the foggiest idea about that transporter produces World Class ACs. Bearer forced air systems to help you in sparing a decent measure of Electricity. What’s more, it is most popular for its quickest cooling capacity. And every one of these highlights are given to you in a truly moderate value go. That is the reason transporter is in our rundown of top 5 best air conditioning brands in India. As indicated by our exploration, we have discovered that Carrier ACs have a quite long life when contrasted with the ACs created by other AC brands.

6. Blue Start Air Conditioner (Split Ac / Window AC)

Getting great remarks from the clients and having a decent after-deals administration notoriety, Blue Start is one of the most driving AC makers in India today. It gives extraordinary highlights like anti-acarine, hostile to bacterial, dynamic carbon, catechin channels and distinctive others that truly make them better than different contenders. The machines are tough in nature and expend less measure of vitality with a capacity to in a split second cool your room in a matter of moments. With that, Blue Star furnishes you with the best help quality. Furthermore, Blue star is one of India’s driving cooling brands and is additionally notable for fulfilling their client’s needs.

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7. Daikin Air Conditioner (Split Ac / Window AC)

Daikin Ac Brands In India

Daikin is a Japanese AC brand and is notable for its quality administrations. This global organization concentrates more on HVAC as opposed to other home electronic items. As of late, Daikin has taken extreme development and one of the significant purposes behind this development is that they never contain with their item quality. This air conditioner organization shares 11% of the market trust as far as deals. For the most part, Daikin’s ACs are spending plan neighborly and furthermore furnishes you with ideal cooling. What’s more, these are a portion of the reasons why we are incorporating this AC brand in our rundown of best air conditioning brands in India in the year 2020.

8. Whirlpool’s Air Conditioner (Split Ac / Window AC)

Whirlpool's Ac Brands In India

Whirlpool’s 3D Cool Technology with its extraordinary 3 dimensional vent framework sucks out tourist and gives quickest temperature pull down. Split ACs from Whirlpool accompanies sixth sense IntelliComfort innovation. It accompanies a savvy rationale chip inserted inside the forced air system. For quicker cooling and vitality protection it ensures indoor unit accurately. It checks encompassing stickiness and afterward speaks with the open air unit to adjust the AC activities.

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9. Mitsubishi Air Conditioner (Split Ac / Window AC)

Mitsubishi is another name that needs no prologue to Indian clients. Notable for its quality items around the world, Mitsubishi is probably the best creator of AC. It’s AC requires less vitality to run and cooling limit that has no match to it. It is available in the market in various value ranges relying upon determinations and models that one expects to purchase. Mitsubishi gives astounding after-deals backing and quality help which has consistently been the in addition to point. Truly you need to spend more for Mitsubishi air conditioner system due to its greater performance and quality.

10. Kenstar Air Conditioner (Split Ac / Window AC)

Kenstar Ac Brands In India

Kenstar is another remarkable AC brand maker that requires no prologue to us. The AC brand gives a decent blower and helps extreme cooling in the blink of an eye. It genuinely gives clients incentive to their cash and keeps going truly long requiring least adjusting. For more enquiries, you can check with your closest vendors. Kenstar is one of the main brands in the AC advertise. It offers ACs at a moderate cost. Its 1-ton air conditioning value begins at just INR 22,490.

11. Lloyd Air Conditioner

Lloyd Ac Brands In India

The brand is surely a good performing AC brand in Indian markets. It is a decent choice on the off chance that you are hoping to purchase an AC. It accompanies a few cool highlights and surely gives great incentive to cash. Lloyd presently presents to you another explanation of satisfaction Lloyd Grande-A Wireless Control Inverter AC with Rapid Cooling. Intended to improve your bliss remainder, this AC gives you quicker cooling more than ever. It chills off the temperature up to 18 °C in only 45 seconds.

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12. Panasonic

Panasonic Ac Brands In India

Panasonic AC provides dynamic air solutions to all your needs. A premium Japanese brand that has been making ACs for 62 years. The seamless designs and cutting edge performance of Panasonic ACs give them an edge in the consumer market. Panasonic develops energy efficient air conditioners with user friendly control system. Consider this brand for the consistent cooling comfort. The compressor of the Panasonic ACs are high power and assist in instant cooling. Some of the outstanding features of Panasonic ACs are their stabilizer free operation, Blue fin condenser and eco tough outdoor. The brand is highly durable and contain all weather resistant components.


The Samsung air conditioners are a classic example of innovation and efficiency. The brand ensure tri care for you and your family members. They are anti bacterial, anti allergy and anti virus. They are easy to detach and easier to clean. The comfort given by Samsung air conditioners are extraordinary. The inbuilt AI adjusts the room temperature according to the outside environment. Few additional features of Samsung are 5 star inverter, 4 way swing, R32 gas and smart installation. They have 100% copper condenser and voltage fluctuation protector. Samsung air conditioners cut short the electricity bills as they are highly efficient.

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14. Sansui

Sansui Ac

If you are looking for smart appliances for your room, Sansui ACs are the right option. The price of Sansui air conditioners are low to moderate. They are budget friendly, user centric and consume less energy. Several models of Sansui ACs come with dehumidifiers and dust filters. The best thing about the ACs from this brand are that they are available in wide color options. If you are a little low in budget, you wouldn’t regret Sansui. The classic built and powerful compressor are an add on.

15. Sanyo

Sanyo Ac

The Sanyo Air Conditioners promise sky standards in the AC market. Sanyo has a robust market share because of its excellent products. Sanyo literally means three oceans- the Pacific, the Atlantic and the Indian Ocean. It outlays the ambition of Sanyo to leave a mark on the globe. Sanyo has been delivering outstanding performance results for many years now. They offer low power bills, instant jet cooling, copper resistance and anti dust filter. With a unique feature of Glacier mode and stabilizer free operation, Sanyo ACs are worth a buy.

16. Haier


Haier is undoubtedly among the global top players when it comes to home appliances. Engineered in China, Haier manufactures and offers extremely powerful air conditioners. Choose from the wide range of Haier ACs offering different designs (split and window), weights and capacities available at your nearest electronic store.

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Q1. Which is the best ac brand in india?

A. Voltas.

Q2. Which window ac brand is best in india?

A. Hitachi 1.5 Ton 3 Star Window AC (RAW318HFDO)

Q3. Which brand ac consumes less electricity?

A. Whirlpool 1.5 Ton 5 Star, Inverter Split AC (2023)

Q4. which is the best split ac brand in india?

A. LG is one of the leading electronics brands in India that has a wide range of home appliances including the top best AC in India.

Q5. which ac brand has best customer service?

A. LG. Voltas

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